How to stop a Megastreak
The funniest was his new PC video where he has spent about £1800 just on SSD hard drives!!! God knows how much he spent on the total thing altogether but it is a bloody expensive tool for online gambling!
Imagine there's no Reflex
It's easy if you try
No gsquared or Betcoms
No more Live And Let Pie

Imagine all the Bellfruits
turned into Powerplays

You-hoo may say I'm a dreamer
While I'm playing The Big One
but I cash or busted the mega
though it stopped at a ton
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Jeezz didn't think it existed!
(04-20-2015, 07:36 PM)mr x Wrote: so if i wonted to buy me own house as i have over 10k a year coming in would i get turned down as well
not being but funny the fella hypa is addicted to fuck ! everything he does he justifies in his head to take the moral high ground ,

the current fashionable word of "quick pinch" is enough to tilt anyone lol

totally dug out bl4k in a vid about playing 500s fobts etc and preached to the world about how in control he was of his own gambling , then sits in a arcade and does his bollox ! each to their own and all that , seems a decent enough fella but imho he does have a problem ! if no problem just play online in demo mode ! aint quite the same though , and you cant get a quick pinch from your own machine either !

nobody really knows the full financial position of the vid- uploaders , just hope they can indeed cover the measly 3k or so a month disposable income .....................

last point 3k a month COULD be a 36k loss over a year ................... not exactly peanuts !
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I agree, nothing bad to say about the guy, always enjoy his videos but there's a video a couple of months back of him building up a 2 grand bank online and calling it a day. Next day a new video is uploaded and basically he's gone back to the 2k balance for a quick little session, and he does the lot. (Typical behaviour of an addicted gambler). You can tell by his voice that he's absolutely devastated about what he did too, and he went on to put a load of rules in place for himself so it obviously had quite an impact on him. I really do respect him for uploading the second part of the video and "keeping it real" as people say
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Watching him play Ultimate it seems odd to me he doesn't nudge the bonus in on the middle reel.
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its his money, its hes fault he was in narrrrridge.
well technically its mums fault
hes alright, can afford sessions. Ask Darren or yourself, its not a big loss to punt 300 on a game. hes nawwichtrollister

anyways when im skint im ask him to get the aliens boarding :)

and hes a good lad

or is he??

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