Betcom repeat diary
Wow gotta give Hs some credit for liking smegheads post. Quite funny actually, laughs thin on the ground out there in betcom land
Do people still play those?
They've tightened the pwofile on this, it hates the britzes dunnit?
Yeh only 3 times a day in most spoons!!!! Honestly how anyone wins long run of those things unless they’re in massive out of the way places is anyone’s guess! Operators must love the ridiculous playthrough from the forcers!
Aren’t u up from betcoms OB?
Yeh used to do ok on them years back when they weren’t getting so forced!

These days don’t really play em tbh
Why would you when you have exclusivity on number 9 and the neighbours!
And PMK try to remember he must have had at least 3 pay out Bitcoins instead of pound coins!
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Bumped into 4 players in Leeds centre the other week going 4 ways on a twist. What is even the point? It note errored on payout aswel just to add insult couldn’t help but enjoy that bit! Then there was somone on my power bat that I’d done a few days before and he was trying to hide what he was doing from me. I know that machine inside out you melt? And from what I could see he was doing some questionable stuff.

You get some proper cretins about nowadays don’t you it almost worries me they’re making these older games there will be plenty of them coming out of the woodwork fighting over the reel deal triple that’s just started Fiver stacking. least most of them can’t do a bat cos they’re JSA doesn’t cover the float needed... what has become of this game!
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Good point about the required float - but they can always just clue their mates up and 4 way it. From what i've seen people seem to play them exactly how you'd play an original - probably the same reason people are saying they're bad. Doesn't stop them being constantly burned out for a loss though, why not? "I can so I will"
They've tightened the pwofile on this, it hates the britzes dunnit?
You wonder how on earth they make money trawling round betcoms that are likely to have been forced multiple times a week so are unlikely to be profits especially not after you’ve bought your 3/4 pints between you a pub!

Probably just do it for the crack I suppose, something to do. Certainly ain’t a way to make a living!!!!
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Tbf they told me they were 400 down for the day they’d split up between a few smaller towns round here first before coming to Leeds. That’s persistance that though if I was that much down on betcoms I’d of run home in a hissy fit a lot earlier
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All the years of them ploughing coin after coin, note after note and not really getting anywhere...

fairly easy to achieve the end game on a Betcom so can you blame 'em for punting them out all day? Everyday.

Got a few fellas easy in their late 50s/60s by me that used to be nothing more than a couple quid here or there with a pint, now they're touring local forcing out whatever they come across.

To casuals and new players Betcoms are an AWP, easy to play and they'll always get some form of entertainment for their money.
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Nah these were players mate been in the game 20 years or so I’ve known em as long as I’ve been playing which is less than that. they live only 30 Miles down the road, probably decent in their hay day.

But yeah the rest of what you said is true
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JP 24/7
Yeah 400 down shows dedication! These days a hundred or so will cause me to abort for the day, just can't be arsed anymore.

Found a 445 earlier and wound up losing 240 and in the end was thankful coz i was fearing 500+ if it persisted Sad
You can do 1300 in them from there
They've tightened the pwofile on this, it hates the britzes dunnit?
Awful awful games.
Oh yea, love it when you are 200 in and its gone up 3 quid.
Tbf £200 for £3 increment is about average.
Bad increment.
I don’t even load the things up anymore if I seem em! Had a 404 in the city centre for ages that moved about £1 a month

One day walked in and it was sat on 0.00 and going by the other pots it must of been absolute carnage unless they hit the big coin a few times
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