Betcom repeat diary
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He certainly is loving that "tilt" and "tilting me off" phrase ATM!

prob been out with a new "player" recently!
who is that new guy who he goes out with a bit recently?
Some interesting points here - this is my POV
I`ll address each person individually.

Hypalinx - addict with money and perhaps does youtube for a hobby. Met in Norwich years ago, cant hit skills. Not a winner, overall loser but a good lad non the less.

Timmy - pure addict

OB- you made some good points, the game is/was dead. I`m quite optimistic that something will occur to increase the potential to not waste 20mins on a betcoms even if you tap the start button like a woodpecker.

Everything else - mobiles, internet etc killed it.

Well, my advise to any player is to go on holiday and find another income until something better happens. It might not ever happen, but a bubble doesnt always run for ever. OB btw are you Mark

I said too much and i cba to edit im stuck into a powerplay and its grrrrrrrrrrrrr
I got the jackpot box on an Oliver Twist earlier going for afters!
£140 for a flat then £40 back in I decide to play one more game before potential £100+ loss of the reforce (mainly coz some dickhead bird who stank of weed decided she wanted to sing me a few songs!)

Left with a tenner and jackpot it offers £28.xx, which for me is nearly always a collect, went for it though as I don't like losing £70+ in Bet.coms, would rather have a battle and lose double if that's the way it has to be! Was a nice feeling to be in the fresh air outside a minute later, when I realised what a huge gamble I'd taken! God I hate those rough council estate pubs.

Went on Treasure Island straight after and £6 in played the super game with red bounty, down to something shit and the 100 I dealt for £36 and surprisingly it didn't flash up £100 after I dealt. It gave me cashpot of the red bounty for £32?!!!
Yeah the red just means you won't get lose / 1p / half whatever but it can give you less than what you deal on
I can honestly say ive never had a 150 on any machine.

Only forcused shite like this probably less than 10 times in total and all have been flat. They just bore me to tears and you often have to go 150-200 in just for a chance of a small raise. Easier just to nap a quick deal.
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megastreaklover01, Toastie
Deals shocking on them 99% of the time tho
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(12-28-2017, 02:06 AM)ob Wrote: Deals shocking on them 99% of the time tho

(12-28-2017, 02:06 AM)ob Wrote: Deals shocking on them 99% of the time tho

Yeah yet it doesn't even like giving deal on some machines very often, if you're going to win £5 it would rather give you the cash shot or feature than a deal
That's because if you're really clever you might be able to get 6, maybe even 7 pounds off the deal!!
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Juggling Jackpots! I didn't realise Bonus SuperSkillstop was the Caesars Palace style! Thought they done away with that after Cluedo and Panther.
Not quite as good when a Betcom does it though!

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