Betcom repeat diary
[quote='ob' pid='231466' dateline='1492771418']
He certainly is loving that "tilt" and "tilting me off" phrase ATM!

prob been out with a new "player" recently!
who is that new guy who he goes out with a bit recently?
Some interesting points here - this is my POV
I`ll address each person individually.

Hypalinx - addict with money and perhaps does youtube for a hobby. Met in Norwich years ago, cant hit skills. Not a winner, overall loser but a good lad non the less.

Timmy - pure addict

OB- you made some good points, the game is/was dead. I`m quite optimistic that something will occur to increase the potential to not waste 20mins on a betcoms even if you tap the start button like a woodpecker.

Everything else - mobiles, internet etc killed it.

Well, my advise to any player is to go on holiday and find another income until something better happens. It might not ever happen, but a bubble doesnt always run for ever. OB btw are you Mark

I said too much and i cba to edit im stuck into a powerplay and its grrrrrrrrrrrrr

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