Betcom repeat diary
Inspired by kong I've managed to do a 11 in a row 150's on Betcoms (counting a couple of repush) btw all of them were phoning etc to start or offering 6 plus etc 

1) Ginger ninja: superskill off 17 quid red of 70 and a ridiculous 170 cost for 150. No joy on phones after so repush 140 to go red (nice!!) for 150 again. Running total:-10

2) Juggling jackpots: 115 for red, 170 for 150, left 10/50 for a 30 deal after, 6 quid raise. Running total: -4

3/4) Oliver Twist: 60 in offered 75 on the cash meter but cost 160 to give it for 150. Next board cost 30 quid and phones were shit, tried a few more phones all shit and with a couple more silly board costs it was a reforce as the only option, 230 for 150. Running total:-94

5) Live and let pie: 90 for red 145 for 150 and 5 back for 13 off phones so 13 raise. Running total: -81

6) Corn of the dead: 190 for red (yuk) for 150. Did a few win spins of 10/7 which didn't help. Running total: -121

7) Jackpot jaws: 90 for red 150 for 150, 23 deal after for 7 quid back. Running total:-105

8 ) Cash exploder: 60 for 150!!!! Finally!!!! Running total: -15

9) Live and let pie: 75 for red, 150 for 150, 18 off phones after then another 9 off the next board for a score raise. Running total: +5

10) Toast busters: 160 for red, 150. 

So after that great run off 150s what do I have to show for it.... erm well all that entertainment for just £5!
To avoid confusion when I say 130 for red etc I mean the cost for it to go red permanently!
Obviously playing em wrong
Marching on together
I can do a GNASHER7 diary for you:

Unit 1 - 40 in 150 out
Unit 2 - 60 in 150 out
Unit 3 - 40 in 150 out
Unit 4 - 60 in 150 out
Unit 5 - 60 in 150 out
Unit 6 - 40 in 150 out
Unit 7 - 80 in 150 out
Unit 8 - 60 in 150 out
Unit 9 - 5 in 100 out < yes a flat but next board opened DOND for JP
Unit 10 - 60 in 150 out

And that was just lunch time lol
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More confirmation to avoid the risible Oliver Twist imo - you'd then be 99 quid up! lol
(04-19-2017, 10:47 AM)Fenso Wrote: Obviously playing em wrong

i think a lot of the casuals that routinely go around pumping these for mega will soon get fed up, which is what is needed because even if/when they lose no value is left for the player, unlike past machines where you'd be jumping on behind the likes of the chav, chef or hypalinx!
You did well to avoid any errors in that bunch ob, and you love trying to get every man and his dog to be able to forcus them quick don't you?
It's a metaphor for life.

You spend some money. You win some. You lose some. Ultimately its all futile.
time never stops....
(04-19-2017, 03:59 PM)HoveSam Wrote: You did well to avoid any errors in that bunch ob, and you love trying to get every man and his dog to be able to forcus them quick don't you?

Hardly a ringing endorsement for them that all those 150s wasn't even an overall profit!!!!

Never claimed them to be good!!!!!
Wonder what timmys diary stands at?
The future is much like the present, only longer.
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Obviously money back money back money money money back mmmmmmm
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OB reforces after a £150!!!
Only in ridiculous circumstances tbf!!!!

The things are rubbish really overall! Upto 15 in a row repeats though, fuck all profit from those extra 4 though maybe a tenner
Sad state off affairs really that these stupid Timmy forcers and online randoms is all that's discussed on here.
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aboza21, megastreaklover01, SmegHead

"That is going to be massive mate!!!" (Gives a couple of quid)"

"Shall we gamble that £30 the super spins can go huge?!" (Super spins give £0)

How the fuck can you sit there and lose £300 on Thai Princess £100 though? I can understand Wishing Upon All Your Dreams Come True as that is a bit of a tilt game when Peter Kay fucks off time after time but Thai Princess is shit full stop on £500 let alone £100!
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Them Super spins are disgustingly bad.
He certainly is loving that "tilt" and "tilting me off" phrase ATM!

100 randoms have gotta be up there with the most dire prospect off all gambling you could actually do!
They're almost as bad as those 70 astra community games (solid gold etc) which I've seen take actual grands off people. A mate and I watched this old lady do £600 through one and then just leave it so we jumped on it and lost £300 on it, fucking illegal games
'This could be potentially huge, or it could potentially not be'.

Certainly keeps all bases well covered.

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