Betcom and G2 divorce
Here is some interesting news :

G Squared won't be knocking out any more Betcoms because they've chosen to merge with Gudisahyhdfshfwegpfigfigwefigwefgwefgefiwgfiuwgfi / Blueprint!
Could this be the beginning of the end for Bentcom?
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I'm not sure, do they need the innovation of another company to come up with unique and captivating titles such as juggling jackpots, treasure island jackpots and jackpot jaws? What's their next move? Team up with bell fruits to conjure up such greatness as not so Wild joker? Diamond gambler? DOND "you won't be winning today" moment? Only time will tell!
Well they used to be with bellfruit. Look at qps - Bank job, quids in America, Crown jewels, poker face even and some older games media stuff - all the same main programmer I believe. All the same fucking game as well lolol
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For something to be so religiously flat...there must be an emptier that is done by very few in-the-know and be too complicated to find out by accident.
You gotta bank deal and bust em out
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(01-08-2018, 10:27 AM)jerz92 Wrote: You gotta bank deal and bust em out

Miss that shizzle

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