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The latest Oliver's twist clone

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You're wasted playing fruit machines... Obviously photography is your calling.
The future is much like the present, only longer.
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balls up wrong picture give me a sec
heres the right picture sorry people Rolleyes

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Looks like a great game!!
'Shrewlock'?? WTF does that mean? You're 'clever' like a shrew if you can unlock the CP? lol
Baker Streak fair enough...maybe they should have called it that? Is it somebody's job to come up with these puns all day?
I imagine it being like Oliver Twist - obviously we're entering a new era of Victorian themed games or Dickensian ones. Next up Flickerless Flickleby and David NoCoppersField?
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I'm guessing it's cat and mouse themed hence 'shrew'

But yes, Baker streak would have been better although it sounds like a cooking theme...
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221in, Baker Streak


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noos lla uoy ees
Played one last night, offered £15 red first go, 30 in offered ms and streak was on 100. Was very tempted to take. Died despite having extra life and surviving several mysteries. Annoying, 2 goes and a tenner later (not a disaster)  it autoflats me meh. Would have been me cheapest if i collected at 30 in.
(04-07-2018, 08:37 AM)Hungryant Wrote: Played one last night, offered £15 red first go, 30 in offered ms and streak was on 100

Eh ???
Had half an idea someone would find that hard to follow. Was offered the top right ms, baker street, which you have to manually collect. Have died before, nothing particularly unusual but had the twist pot/ streak/ whatever u wanna call it up to £100 too. Was only waiting on one more symbol for the autocollect. Now if u are offered the single ms and the twist streak is only up to say 30/70 ish u might expect death, but when uve maxed out the meter, got an extra life and have survived a few mysteries u think you are home free. But lost extra life and died anyway. Phew hope that sorts the ehs out.
Did you have both MS symbols lit ie the top Megastreak one AND the one directly below it?
Also confused: what/where were your total £inputs and £outputs?
Also: regarding my post in the Oliver Twist thread - did you notice anything funny about the board entry always adding up to £1 ie holding numbers, spinning in numbers or number runner always adding up to £1?
Grrr. I did state that i put in thirty English pounds (30) in to be offered ms- which i declined and died but ten (10) english pounds later i got the autocollect jp for a flat so a bit of basic maths reveals total of forty (40) in for one hundred (100) out. I did think my terminology about streak/twist might be confused but did think it easy enough to follow the totals. I couldnt think what to call the 'twist metre pot' knew it wasnt twist as was playing shrewluck. Now remember i think its called 'sleuthing' so 'sleuth pot?' dunno streak pot sounds easier. And as for did i have both ms symbols- no, it just hit the top symbol, the one u can collect not the uncollectable unimportant one, though i think i did collect the second ms symbol as i went round the board, i had 5/6 symbols, think i just needed the bottom normal streak symbol for the full house but cant really remember which one i was missing, dont think its important. Im sure thats as clear as mud to some but oh well.
If you collect when top two are lit it's still red mega streak and can still go past
So you put in £30 for a guaranteed £100 but actually ended up putting in £40 for £100?
Sounds pretty good to me!
:) :rave drumroll
Wildly off topic, but does anyone else "hear" the cymbal on this emoji?


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