I've got an idea...
Why don't all the makers in this forum club together and bring out 1 fruit machine.
The can call it "May the force be with you".
Shape the cabinet like a gaping anus and the notey can be right in the middle. If you're playing on coins then there can be a slot marked "anal beads here".
No reels, just one button and an alpha display. £15 committed to credit. No choice in that. Once that's in, the alpha simply tells you what it's going to cost for a flasher. You simply have a choice to pay it or walk away losing the £15. Mostly it'll be £130-150. Sometimes it will be £160+ rarely it will be £180+ or £60.
If you decide to load in the required amount it auto banks your ton then offers you a repeat chance for an extra £50.
Rarely the repeat chance won't be offered and it'll flash up on the Alpha "Mwhahahaha I'm a Pipeye today".
Saves time for all concerned, and you get the chance to rip a new ring piece every day.
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