Rigged dond games
So I was thinking after playing a boom time that has that you choose thing...

We all know dond games are bent as fuck these days but how exactly do they work? 

Same with the ones that can eliminate a blue then give you another offer. Does it mean 1p was never going to be in your box or did it just decide to eliminate it then will randomly choose you another shit box should 1p have been your box?

Doesnt really matter anyway as they are all shit, but was just curious.
The initial box it chooses is fixed, it won't let you eliminate that on you choose. Obviously you can work out which shit value is in your box!!!

Basically the game decides how much value it has in it, then picks a shit value for the box upto this value.

The eliminations are rigged towards it not offering over the value the machine has, although tbf it can always just offer rubbish whatever the eliminations are on the newest ones. Whether or not you have you choose makes no difference you will not be able to get a setup where the machine is forced to offer more than it had in mind for that dond game.
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Had a £72 offer on a boom time, that was £50 in the box, with its your birthday guaranteeing a rise for another £8
But yes always around the £25 ish mark or slightly above if it has the value
I've had back to back you choose games both give £28 ish offers
Basically they're shit lol
Much like the tv show, dond based games need to go. They've been ruined trying to keep certain interested parties happy.
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