Best cash or bust on shit machine.
What with all the recent threads I was wondering about all the cash or busts on
shit machines,you know the ones where it lands something decent and your
standing there in disbelief,without a doubt I'll be beaten,but mine are £25 on star paws,
£50 on jail break and silver bank on cash exploder which was £50.
£25 on a jubbling jackpots.

And occasionally a maximum will bust for the £6 box on a £5 block board. Top tips
A 50 on treasure island jackpots is my best cob for 2017
Was waiting for a hoodie printing for my ex and went into Yates just to do boards on crap to pass time and had a board on galloping jackpots. First board only offered me £3 so hit cob and there it was. Fucking mega streak and it did £115

Watched CF do absolute brains forcing a hot shots (ask him why he was doing that) and after his flat ms at like £40000 in he pressed cob on the next board. Panel win £100
Marching on together
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Cobbed super jackpot on cops and robbers streetwise didn't repeat though next board 50p stake took 8 quid gave £3 cob
On shit machines the topic says.
Cob flat megastreak on MYMY board after £150 forcused mega.


£50 cob on VIP
Cob stash on toast busters for £98 after a snaaaaaake flat this weekend just gone.
Cob Super Streak on Treasure Island (£35 iirc)
Cobbed £50 a couple of times on Hill Billionaire and on Star Paws and Monopoly ROll up
Cobbed a 25 on Decade last week
Cashpot on Star Prize

the weirdest one for me is that Queen A Kind Of Magic one - never,ever had anything but KILL on it's KILL or Queen thing. Hopefully they'll be bringing out a Fat Bottomed Girls one soon
£25 on Hold Your Nerve and £25 on it's clone Monopoly Roll The Dice.

£100 stack/cashpot/MS on Box 23.

Others usually been told from MFTB that COB will be MS, etc
Moo York.. moo meter. Jp no repeat, but ages ago
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I don't really play shit machines and when I do its very rare I even touch the cash or bust button
(03-20-2017, 09:43 PM)dondplayer Wrote: £25 on Hold Your Nerve and £25 on it's clone Monopoly Roll The Dice.

£100 stack/cashpot/MS on Box 23.

Others usually been told from MFTB that COB will be MS, etc

Box 23/ things that say cob will be ms are not the new shit games this thread is referring to!!!
I don't think I've ever landed anything on the newer shit breed of machine. The only Stand out Cob of recent times was on a Double up, Dob'd normal deal 1st board and it spun the £100 in.
About a week ago I cobbed 50 quid on star paws, didn't see that coming.
Cobbed Moo York on paddys/gold cup day, bloke had chucked 50 odd through it while i was drinking 1.99 pints of guinness. had a punt. took a fiver loss. he then went and did another 30 or so. first board back on...boom. This was somewhat offset when a mate put 300 though a Full House without a sniff of JP, he gave up. Took another 120 and an hour for a flat 100 streak! Nearly F'd it when I missed a hi/lo for last hotel, thankfully went to skill stop..... was rather hammered by that time tho after 16 pints
I used to quite like full house until I got left with 50 and 100 for a 50.01 offer. Down the pub last night having a little watch while a local played a Popeye, hit COB for the 50 box, was surprised and by his reaction so was he! "Dave, Dave! You won't beleive it" haha

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