Your biggest AWP buzz
So what machine did you get your biggest buzz on? Talking pub fruits not online or fobt. 

I doubt there will be a big buzz on any machine made for the £100 jackpot alone (I. E. Not an upgrade) apart from maybe a turbo. 

Mines got to be the £400 gatw run on pure gold... Or perhaps a £210 on seal or golden game
Anything with a catchy sound package e.g. Barcrest's Super Star from the £25 era gives me a buzz.

For entertainment value, my fave is Barcrest's Star Wars V (Empire Strikes Back) £35, as it has a soft profile and is good for replay value.

For a 'buzz' in the gambling sense, probably the Barcrests with the roulette wheel style feature like Fireball and Dosh & Pecks.
Gotta be that first board pugs life for 150. Dunno how the situation occurs it's like someone's forced it and it's broken and I've gotten on after it's fixed! It was the most shocking moment in awp history for me!!
yeah I've had bh for a fiver! didn't actually make much on the fucker though, 70 odd quid!
Taking a 75 off the dead Most Daunting in Hull from 4 in. Managed to get past 2 mysteries and a Strike a Light, then it ripped and repeated. The whole thing was just unheard of when put together. Presently, any time the screen turns off when playing Another God Hades


CEO of JPF Japan. I play PACHISLO.

noos lla uoy ees
Back to back £2.40 gambles on an each way nudger.
The future is much like the present, only longer.
Out at a drum and bass night a couple of years ago, stupid drunk and a friend of mine wants to play a fruit (we always used to row a £5 can you dig it together years back) and he asks me which one he should play (options are a next level or powerplay) I don't usually play on nights out with mates but we pitched together our change (about 6 quid) and get a board on the next level, opens DOND and smashes the oner straight in (trying to convince him that we shouldn't deal at the 16, 24 and then 45 offer was hard enough! ) but he goes with it, and it repeated!
The moment the reels shuffled off on a Super Hold Barcrest

The moment it took a credit at £25 on a Golden Game from a hold-after-nudge top game which you thought was going to stop

The moment the water tank went red for the second feature in a row on Maygay's It's a Knockout
lol used to love it's a knockout!

same on fight night when mystery win off barcode "floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee!"
Ripping back to back boards on cash attack and then aliens etc before corners
nobody mentioned tooling!! Not that i`d do it but it must get hairy
Probably because we've banned toolers in the past
The best buzz was the Jackpotty meets of back in the day, when machines were actually good then the visit to South Mimms at the end of the London ones! lolol
Has to be a Treasure Island Call of Booty on £70
I'd lost £170 that day and was going on holiday the next day so was a bit gutted
Anyway convinced myself one more pub and home
Waked in to see this heap of shit, how much worse could the day get?
Bought a drink and put £2 in for a board, that went GATW for £210
Can somebody please explain to me this tooling business please?.. I've no idea. As regulars know I'm not a player by any means, but what is tooling?.. playing a fruit with a spanner and screwdriver and a few nails in your pocket lol?..
It's pretty much using tools of any description to physically steal money from a fruit machine, daylight robbery
(03-20-2017, 10:02 PM)playford7 Wrote: Can somebody please explain to me this tooling business please?.. I've no idea. As regulars know I'm not a player by any means, but what is tooling?.. playing a fruit with a spanner and screwdriver and a few nails in your pocket lol?..

Yes pretty much that
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Biggest buzz was when I first started back on AWP in the £35 days after years of not touching them - Cash Attack setup - don't think the profit was much but felt on top of the world as first play and win in years.

Having said the above it's a bit of a lie - in the £25 days there was a Barcrest Hot Stuff and Hellraiser next to each other and I used to play these and do OK (don't know why plus didn't know the ins and outs regarding streaking, etc)
God knows how many years ago I did my entire weeks wages through a dropping golden game 35 jp playing for the hold after, 4 credits left in the bank and it lit up for a £212 top, then the bars came in and held, then it whistled for another £65. Now that was a buzz!
I suppose a magic 7 counts lol

first ever silent streak on the old £25 jp . was only a few quid in , it went empty obviously ! took around 300 ish out I suppose , I left happy lol

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