Cashpot on Juggling/Treasure Island Jackpots
You can only win it by gambling your deal game winnings and sometimes it 'holds' after a feature.

Is this anything other than a mechanic to get you to play longer?
It'll shit it out around 60 quid off the red gamble in the phone game every now and again but that's about it
It flashes on cob as well.

But yeah it's there as a blatant please please keep playing mechanic.
These seem to me to have had a weird history. Like they came out for a while, then seemed to be quite rare. Then a month or so ago they started appearing EVERYWHERE!

As for the pot - had it plenty of times, but never when it's over £50. Although I watched some bloke throwing £20 after £20 into it last Saturday and he eventually got a £60 CP - he'd put in way more than that.
I used to hear the phrase "the only winner is the bandit" being thrown around by my mates and family when I played fruit machines I used to laugh knowing in my case this is certainly not true. But it seems these days the only winner is actually the bandit
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There are a few winners.
The manufacturers
The suppliers
The premises where the machine is sited
The engineers/collectors stealing that tenner
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You missed the toolers off the list
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(03-13-2017, 09:22 AM)AMK Wrote: You missed the toolers off the list

They're not winning at life though are they
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(03-13-2017, 09:42 AM)Fenso Wrote:
(03-13-2017, 09:22 AM)AMK Wrote: You missed the toolers off the list

They're not winning at life though are they

saw some guy put what looked like a flat metal triangle into the note acceptor and wrack up the credits and bank in seconds earlier in the week. he put a menu adjacent to the notey while his accomplice had his arm against the machine looking shifty! anyway a few notes and alot of coins taken out then they tried one on the other side of the pub and it alarmed up, he turned it off quickly and acted like it had swallowed a quid! one thing i will say that i admire is that they never even bought a drink! lol
Bastards. Saw someone in a spoons doing something that I can only really describe as "testing" note mechs on the fruits the other day, sort of pressing them and trying to wobble them etc. He kept looking up shiftily toward the bar whilst doing so. Third machine or so I feel like he clocked me watching him and he left.
I'd had a few drinks and could have been manifesting a scenario in my head but it all looked very suspicious to me.
Won the cashpot on TIJ today for a massive £7. Recycled about £20 and was offered £43 on the deal game but gambled for jackpot which lost.
Very quickly found myself £70 in as it was redding up but didn't seem close, then out of nowhere super stop bonus. I managed to hit the ton and walked £30 up.

Last time I got that it took anther £70 for MS
You can get CP off pick me if anyone's interested

To be fair, it all seems lop-sided, it can whack it up to the big numbers and still give you sod all. Then it can be a low number and that is a false flag as well. Case in point being I was £40 into a JJ a few weekends back, CP at £20-odd, got a middling box, £6 IIRC, and just span the box and wallop, MS just like that for a flat ton. I know LALPie/ToastBusters/etc aren't massively popular but at least that very strange cashpot equivalent called Chef's Stash etc can come in once in a blue moon on the DOND game without the extra-curricular activity. That doesn't happen a lot on these unless they are relatively ropey amounts. I know someone will now say they've been given umpteen ton CPs on Popeye clones lol but I have only ever had £40 ones and usually just to get me to accept a tenner profit/loss and to sod off.
(05-02-2017, 01:55 PM)jerz92 Wrote:

That's a cashpot ton after £150 mega?
Yeah, cashpot held then literally next press filled the pie trail and opened deal with the red gamble and to my surprise threw in the maxed cashpot. Genuinely thought the box reel was misaligned when it popped up! Initially uploaded it to show a mate (my phone can't send videos and he doesn't have whatsapp) but thought id link it here as well to show they can do it!
I'm unlikely to see it. I'm definitely never forcusing a betcom again
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