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Quick question,

Is Leia's Loot red guaranteed £100?

It's the last feature it will offer but does it go all the way?
Can do 50 I think if same as Popeye


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noos lla uoy ees
No feature on any betcom has ever been jp!!!!
its easy to jackpot these just forse it

but has anybody noticed these are turned off at the moment as these error non stop
Damn, I didn't know that lost thousands on these!
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(02-14-2017, 01:25 AM)ob Wrote: No feature on any betcom has ever been jp!!!!

I seem to remember some could. Talking 25/35 days. I wanna say a number run type feature and/or a 3 strikes type feature that on red could be slowed down to fill in a few amounts before start.
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Rings a vague bell Chris. I seem to remember getting JP on a poker face on pound a go with the numbers doubled on the number run feature, whatever it was called. Probably number run lol.

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