Timmy Live Casino Stream
(02-07-2017, 05:36 PM)adamtheaddict Wrote: Tim could eat mr.x in one gulp and wash him down with a drink update without being forced to burp.

Poor bloke Tim will always what he is... I don't get how people close to him let him live this life
well he's harmless enough to others despite being a complete doughnut sometimes :D
I just meant that Tim would look the size of a bear if standing side by side with Mr.x .
Just happened to log into tube and got the ''timmy is going live'' message 20 mins ago. figured id leave it on in the background while playin some poker.
The vid lasted all of 45 seconds. deposited £30 apparently, but the balance sais £0. Really not having much luck with this newfound online hobby.
To be fair to him while he likes a punt on the roulette & has had problems with it at least he doesn't seem to be one of those guys who can never stop talking about the bloody game (at least when he's not playing it, that is)... met a few friends of friends who's main love in life is roulette and it is fucking unbearable to sit in a car going to a casino with em!
bit harsh about erm .. that
Tim gave me a proper laugh at the weekend, 1 of his Vids they're playing a HYN

Gets Cashpot and he shouts Pinch Central!! Next minute they get MS from the game for a £200 bank and tiger says only a fiver down!!!!

Proper Pinch Central Timmy lad lol
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megastreaklover01, paggamaggaloo, playford7
Bloke's got more catchphrases than the Fast Show
Pinch central!!
Tenner Central!!
Fudge Central!!
Quid in!!
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Mr Move It
£12 offer with Cashpot, 25, 50 and jackpot still in play "that's considering"
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Oh my dayssssss!!
Frigg off!
Quick pinch
Board central
Worth con...o deal...sidering that
Dozens bets on the bookies roulette and variants got him the losses back today
(02-27-2017, 08:12 PM)jerz92 Wrote: £12 offer with Cashpot, 25, 50 and jackpot still in play "that's considering"

Ha Ha ;)

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