Mr Move It goes 2K to the 17
New year and therefore new diary.  This is what I play in summary:

I play:

Cat B3 on £1 play (e.g. Thai Flower, Thai Princess, Reel King)
Cat C AWPs £25 and £35 only (e.g. Dosh & Pecks, Doctors & Nurses, Bucks Bunny)
Cat C digis (e.g. Rainbow Games, Rainbow Party)
Cat D AWPs (e.g. Dream Factory, Bobby Dazzler, Monopoly Road To Riches)

I play occasionally:

Cat C AWPs £100 (when with MonkeyKing or if time to kill at a train station)

I don't play:

Cat B2 (FOBT roulette and fortune spins)
Cat B1 (online gambling), as I have frozen my accounts


Usually £50, but I am contemplating an increase to £60.  On 2 occasions, my £60 busted out and on the other 2 occasions, I didn't need the full £60 before a feature triggered.  So this is experimental.

Progress report:

Sessions played : 4
Biggest win : £180 (Thai Princess, all 4 screens open)
Biggest loss : £60 (Reel King Potty) and £60 (Thai Princess)
Spawn : getting flowers off Thai Flower on the 5th spin (K Q 10 for £53)
This year's total : £76 profit.

17 is my lucky number, so let's see what 2017 brings Smile
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ring sting, Sebastian
ha ha ! the m mans back with the new diary , as usual I will be following updates and somewhen this year I will set you a new challenge ............

stop and step is currently 27,000 up on thai flower £20spins and hes only played it twice ............................................ good games lol
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adamtheaddict, Mr Move It
Yeah Stop and Step does seem to have a thing for Thai Flower since the £20 spins got introduced.

I have a reputation to uphold!


[Image: r39iVUw.jpg]
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Profit swings to loss now for 2017.  Thai Princess is having a love/hate phase at the moment :D

Progress report : 2

Sessions played since last post : 5
Total sessions played : 9
Biggest win : £92 (Thai Princess, all 4 screens open)
Biggest loss : £75 (also Thai Princess!)
Spawn : Thai Princess doing an OB on my first score
This year's total : £212 loss.

The theme for this year's gambling diary is that I'll take a suggestion for what new B3 game I should play next month and every month starting in March.  So that will be 10 new B3 games between March and December.  When saying which B3 game it is, please say which bookies it's in - so that's either Bet Fred or Laddies.  Coral's has a similar selection to what Laddies has, and I'll also check for any suggested games in my local indy arcade.

Over to you Jackpotty members!
ok, how about playing rocky for the year or until you get a 165 freespin feature , I would be interested to know how many 1000s of pounds it cost lol

or being realistic

how about a b3game with pots , any game just go on a pot hunt

or low stakes on ironman for a bit of FUN !

good luck mr m nice to see somebody drumming up the Jackpotty Forums members to get involved
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Mr Move It
Hey Mr Sting Smile  I'll give Mr Rocky a shout later on in the week for March.  Then I'll try Ironman in April.  Which bookies can I find Ironman in?  Or which arcade cab?  Bookies-wise, it would have to be either Laddies/Coral's or Bet Fred, as Stafford doesn't have a Willy Hills that I know of.  Certainly not in town anyway.

Progress report : 3

Sessions played since last post : 4
Total sessions played : 13
Biggest win : £165 (tie breaker between both Thai games.. so it's a THAI breaker!)
Biggest loss : £60 (again on both Thai games)
Spawn : having 3 features on Thai Princess in 1 sitting Smile
This year's total : £118 profit.

So back to a slight profit now.  Please note that the next MonkeyKing weekender will be later on this week.  Weekender no.20 :D I'll put up a My Day for that as and when that happens.
Okies, end of March now, and was a disaster it was!  From profit back into loss and quite a large loss too.

Having said that, I did fulfil Ring Sting's request of playing Iron Man.  I didn't win over all, but I did enjoy the various 'side' features which are there to keep the player interested.  E.g. on 2nd spin, I picked a card and it gave me missile wilds for a £30 win.  In my next report, I'll try and include Rocky as that was your other slot for me to try.  Anyone else reading this, feel free to chuck in some more B3 ideas Smile

Because of the March losses, April will mostly be a dry month until near the end.  I'm also helping out financially with my sister's upcoming wedding.  So yeah, mostly a dry month ahead of me.

Progress report : 4

Sessions played since last post : 4
Total sessions played : 17
Biggest win : £93 (Monty's Millions)
Biggest loss : £232 (MonkeyKing Weekender no.20)
Spawn : £93 roll-in on Monty's Million (as above)
This year's total : £414 loss.
Not as much traffic on this site these days, but I am still gambling.  I was at £414 loss in my last entry.

At the end of April, it had worsened to a £514 loss.

In May, however, I've managed to make over half a grand (!) on the usual B3's and it has pushed me back slightly into profit.

Progress report : 5

Sessions played since last post : 8
Total sessions played : 25
Biggest win : £320 (Thai Flower... palace-ace-lady board)
Biggest loss : £80 (Imperial Dragon)
Spawn : Thai Princess level 4 feature from a score for £265
This year's total : £31 profit lol

P.S. Eye of Horus is the one B3 game I reaaaaaally don't get on well with.  Well during the Imperial Dragon incident, the guy sat next to me had won the £500 jackpot on Horus and he was rubbing it in.  FUUUUUUU!!
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