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So went to local today and thought I'd have a slack 20 on cops and robbers, one of these random 100s, seem to get good play on it normally. Nearly all the 20 in and it gives me spins and in the spins drops on the robbers for 44 quid. Pied it to jackpot and collected bits and bobs after. About to press collect and screen comes up saying GPU 86 degrees!  Bar staff restarts machine and it says Call attendant handpay require 132 quid.

Got to wait for engineer now and it already owes me 6 quid from before! (Note jam) FML
Regal supplied? Kiss goodbye to £10 of that of it is!
(01-06-2017, 05:19 PM)Slasher Wrote: Regal supplied? Kiss goodbye to £10 of that of it is!

Known landlady years she's took pics of it for so hopefully don't get shafted. What makes you say that?
Regal are one of the worst for stealing tenners in my experience
Sure he`ll get it minus regal tax which can be anything from £10 to the whole lot.
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Gotta wait til it's cashed up next week! Engineer has confirmed the payout and given them a ticket to redeem at next cash up. Still takes the piss, will not be seeing anything other than silver from me again!
Paid out in full! Went to pub also run by same people and they said money was ready, had a cheeky tenner in king of games wish upon a jackpot and took 110 from there! Happy days. Gamestec te company that run machines, so no regal tax lol
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LookUp, Mr Move It

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