Hi this machine has just turned up in my local arcade just wondering has anyone played one before is it a good game.
No, forced wins and takes ages for a Timmy force. It's actually worse than the wild joker or DOND golden gamble.
It does have forced wins Candy symbols drop in reel 1 2 & 3 they normally give pound each symbol.
(11-11-2016, 08:52 AM)GNASHER7 Wrote: It does have forced wins Candy symbols drop in reel 1 2 & 3 they normally give pound each symbol.

He put a comma after the word No, so he was saying no it's not a good game because of the forced wins and takes too long to Force
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Absolute gobshite machine Clone of Karate Quid.


CEO of JPF Japan. I play PACHISLO.

noos lla uoy ees
Not a KQ clone
Excellent machine really but only ever played it twice

The first one clearly malfunctioned as it took about £170 for a snake flat but the second played normally and took a whole £1.00 for a snake flat again
Depends on patch.
Your correct this machine is total shite 1st time i forced it 125 in for 150.
2nd time i forced it a week later 180 in for flat 100 still dealing afterwards crap box every time very long & boring to force out & not worth the hassle.
Arcade has also just got in Dond box 23 100jp.
Alice in wonderland high tech 10p or 20p 5jp (Relflex).
Well. Seems really worthwhile. Enjoy...
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It uses a lenticular image on the top glass.

Err it's slow to force, agreed.

It's probably still in Strensham services and Tottenham Court Road Cashino.

A sarcastic really worthwhile isn't far wrong imo, one to play only if terminally bored and even then....

Riyde - I can only imagine the notey broke beforehand for you to get that. I once had a 150 from a tenner on Cash Exploder and my colleague said the same to me, notey must have broke on the last player!
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Had 180 in a box 23 before for a 100 box and a afterboard 40 odd deal, result for me that!..
I enjoy a box 23, you won't find many people forcing them. Think I got lucky last weekend, 110 in for cashpot on dond, changed to 50p stake, 40 later COB cashpot again. Both £100. 50/60 later cob jackpot. A nice cheeky profit and not bad gameplay.

Just gotta remember you could be on the other side of that and go 200/300 without a decent win.
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I've got a digi box 23 that is rarely played but recently the cashpots have filled up. Lost 30 without a deal last night. Can't decide if I'll go back today. Fool's errand or a cheap COB jackpot?


That's the thing with them, it's unpredictable, making it a lot more interesting then the 'modwern day wurbbish' if you do go back, let us know how you get on.
Digitals play a completely different game on these imo
Yeah theres definitely something different about them imo.
Didn't clock you said didital, must have been hangover. It's like 28 boxes on that one, never get a good win always blocks at £35 tops. Never had a cob win on them.

Cashpot offer on queen kinda tragic today? Might keep these lucky pants on for a few more weeks.
They have to pay the average. It has to pay eventually.


(11-15-2016, 11:22 PM)Boulderdash Wrote: They have to pay the average. It has to pay eventually.

See the other thread. Lost over a ton in it. Never more than £50 offered.



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