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I only ever knew of this one unit - it was in a small nightclub-esque venue, so was very easy to perform without too many prying eyes. I don't know how widespread they were? I imagine some made tens of thousands if not more out of that one.
Sure we would know about it if you did spikey
(11-10-2016, 08:41 AM)JP 24/7 Wrote:
(11-10-2016, 01:15 AM)Fenso Wrote:
(11-09-2016, 11:15 PM)topcat Wrote: Buddylove has distributed plenty of tricks in the past showing the video now shows no real benefit apart from making himself look more attention demanding and annoying ballooned voice than before

Someone asked for it so he put it up? The fucks your problem?

If you need to ask, then obviously part of the problem is you. Pretty arrogant for someone who chucks around the arrogance claims willy nilly.  I mean how arrogant is it if you can claim to visit someone else's area and burn them out? That implies you either think you're better than them or at least on their level. Not even close.

It's not really me at the centre of things it's you nobs that think you're entitled because you know a trick or two. crawl back and let go of each others dicks.

I mean... I read this over 3 times and I still don't know what the hell you're talking about? Claim to burn someone's area when did I say this?

And who's "you nobs" this implies you're talking to more than just me
Marching on together
Bankers Bonus is old news. Six years old and we are still scrapping over this? 

JPeMu has been out for God knows how long. Definitely fewer than 6 years between the release of emptiable JPMs and that emulator.

MFME9 or 10 was out in 2006. Supercharged was 2002? No one kicked up a fuss. Had emptiable ROMs for Cabin Fever too. The trick on Vamp was discussed greatly around the MFME release, even before it was past the 3 year rule to actually be released.  All of this with next to no opposition.
That is without mentioning methods appearing on Youtube for things like Alien, Dials, Extremes, etc. wayyy before six years had passed.

Bb is old, face it. Its not comig back to your local.  If youre shocked another old trick has been published, get over it. If you cant get over it, stop playing fruits.


CEO of JPF Japan. Coming to Japan? PM me for signtseeing, drinking and gambling.
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How do i play these emulated games?

ive downloaded MFME10 and the new DOND releases but it keeps putting an error message up, do i need MFME 5 and if so where do i download it from, any help would be great
Believe nothing without facts or your own research and trust nobody but yourself,  but most of all be open minded and kind to everyone and everything...

Yes you need mfme 5 I'll attach it here in a sec

Attached. You'll need direct X of some sort too. There's a link on a thread here somewhere

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.rar   MFME.rar (Size: 2 MB / Downloads: 1)
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https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download...px?id=8109 - Here is the directx link
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If the trick is completely dead / chipped / obsolete what's the harm in posting it.
Someone brought up the point that the Internet kills emptys/methods.

My belief is that 90% of games are monitored on a wide scale to detect unexpected variance. They were very quick to pick up on the 777 change stake for example. Data packs are downloaded and bingo they know.
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but... but your variance based trick lasted 3 years?. don't be so fucking naive. You haven't got a clue.
The future is much like the present, only longer.
Yeah your right. They don't monitor anything server based.
Some tricks last longer than 3 years.

Like I always say.

Loose lips spread chips.
Plus server based games are monitored so don't be greedy.
Afaik, the mkIV oval top were not Internet capable. Datapak and operator reports only.
I think the cabinet appeared about spring 2011, oct 11 I purchased it, chip came out in Jan 2011, gave it to OB he didn't get on with it, gave it to rob shortly after. Lingered on for nearly two years after but was lean after 6 months. Last one played borehamwood jan 13.
Tish worked that out in Corleeee services.
So she gave it to you lol.
Turn it in
I guess the day will come when everything is wired up to the net, even if just via a 3G / 4G connection!
What are we playing again?

[Image: d68708d5d53c736b4d6699b503327759.gif]

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