Yeah it's happening quite a bit now
I've just done my absolute arseholes through the delightful selection the 2017 UK pub fruit machine scene has to offer. I'm 10 pints and about £300 down. Anyone got any weed? I did manage to find an emptier on wild joker though; go for the jackpot bust and it'll empty your wallet! Hue hue hue
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I might try heroin after the month I have had!
Rare Popeye luck out yesterday. Played for a board, £3 and COB'd for bust. Cost £15 so tried for another board. Started on inner board and just wouldn't come out! Opened but basic deal and kept eliminating values off the bonus. Eventually got extra life and situation where I was on a 3 and was needing one more wimpy for Mega Streak, gambled expecting the 2 but it sent the 1 for a very unexpected Mega.
Weird board - no Wimpy flash at start, never went above basic deal.
Sure there's been a re chip, and whoever wrote it was on acid.
"kept eliminating values off the bonus" ...that happened to me the other day on Star Paws. Did about seven in a row on the bonus. I thought it might mean I was invincible
All we need is gamble in galley off the hint to say no and kick off the apocalypse

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