Never take any notice of what they claim lol!
The following 1 user Likes ob's post:
The galley gamble you can 100% ignore

Some of the delays from pressing the button to it actually stopping on what it wants are shocking. Yet when you deal the offer it'll stop instantly.
The following 1 user Likes Gambo's post:
Ignoring it can be hard as it plays on your mind. Often the best idea is to just look away so it doesn't register in your head. If you've made a profit be happy with that and leave imo
The following 2 users Like paggamaggaloo's post:
HoveSam, megastreaklover01
It's a mechanic put in to make the punter believe they could've had more and bring out the degen in them so they keep playing it. Consider it as that and that only
The following 1 user Likes jerz92's post:
Its designed to do exactly that, fuck with the mind of a gambler. "Look at what you would have won if you'd gone for it!"

It makes you want to carry on because you now think it wants to give it. It makes you want to play it next time because you think it can. Specific psychology designed to bring you back and make you carry on. If this was the bookies there would be debates in parliament, protest groups and noisy outrage in the Daily Mail. But it's just a fruity in a pub, no-one (outside this little group) knows or cares.

People on here know more about the machines than most of the people who program, site, maintain and administer them, it's the way it is and it's not going to change. The Gambling Commission should care, but can you even imagine trying to explain this to someone?!
The following 2 users Like kong's post:
JG vs SG, megastreaklover01
Has anyone here actually had the £100 box on Popeye? It's left it to the last round many times but I've never been brave enough to go for it, assuming that flashing the £100 after I've dealt is just a mechanic to keep you playing as described above
The following 1 user Likes Boulderdash's post:
It can give £100 or M/S from the gamble. I haven't had it but I've seen videos.
But actually in the deal game...
It can, just not nearly as regularly as it makes out
What would everyone else here do faced with a £36 offer? Gamble for the ton assuming even if it lost it would cost less than £75 to offer megastreak? Or walk like I did with a £25 raise.
I'd have taken the deal and hit the gamble if it was red and cashpot > £36
It wasn't red and cashpot was £19 iirc
Then that's a deal!
Taken the gamble, fucked off away from the machine and enjoyed me pint, maybe while tackling one of the sparsely distributed quizzers


CEO of JPF Japan. Coming to Japan? PM me for signtseeing, drinking and gambling.
i only go for it when tilted to fuck!
(06-24-2017, 08:25 AM)SpinOnIt10 Wrote: Well, you can force one in 20 mins easy so unless you have a harsh boss I'm sure you'll be fine.

20 minutes? How?!
If you wanna see a betcom give jp on phones just play one phones first board, dump 80-100 in it not taking anything, then take phones! Fair chance it'll put it in then!!! Phones on them are rigged to fuck to the value the game has, although even if it has a shit load of value it can still put shit in!

I had one the other day was forcing and 90 in the end reel totally fucked up and was grinding away every spin after. Got worried it would reel error permantly so took phones left 3/100 was the 3 but put cashpot (100) in the box 23. Those type of scenarios are what I meant where it actually could do it!!!
What do you mean 'how'? 20 mins is generous really.

If you're playing all the boards out then obviously not.
Even if I played only red boards it rarely takes less than half an hour to see a mega streak
We must play them differently then I guess.

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