But only for £100 presumably?


I got awarded popeye from BXTT a couple of weeks ago for the 1st time, it gave a poxy extra £25
Jackpot lol
I got 100 in the stash meter which is the first time I have ever seen that happen. So I collected it straight away for a decent raise. Next board it was still ready. Almost like it was a free win or at least came from a different pot. That board didn't open the game but not all boards open anyway. The board after that, it opened for mega. I took the game and I no dealt all the way for 100. Didn't have the box 23 offer or whatever it's called as it just clocked up the jackpot.

Was this 100 in the stash meter a free board? Not sure what happened here!
I had a similar thing happen to me, had an extra life / add again and was hi/lo the streak and it went all the way to mega without even using the life. Was only a few quid in and it was going next board. I'd say those are free boards yeah
These are utter shit, yet somehow became the most popular Betcom release of 2016!

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