Derren Brown Fruit Machine Guy
This is a great watch if you have 10 minutes!

What absolute Horse Shit!!!!

Can't be real world, would have got banned.

Are you allowed £500's in B&B's? Need to send in bacta. Check he has correct license.
i hope the bird got a beating for setting him up!
I watched this and he must have been suspicious - correct me if I'm wrong but they are not usually set to just spill out 500 coins - even as a casual he would know that.
All laptop no comments
Who burys money in mud then fucks off for an hour? Is this what we're resigned to watching on TV nowadays? I think I'd choose eastenders over this!
To be fair the buried money bit gave quite a realistic prediction as to the end result if you decided to play the faultys in Brighton!
derren brown is a legend !!!! good parrotteer!!!
good entertainment I suppose - I got the hump with it tbh. poor choreography cba spell checking way over produced ( red bee media BUZZZZZZZ) and brighton .. well im not gay and i like a real beach not pebbles :)
Skipped through, can't see what the point was.

should have gone to beales chippy and won £6 tokens.
(11-03-2016, 12:54 PM)topcat Wrote: derren brown is a legend !!!! good parrotteer!!!

I was in the same class as him at Whitgift for a while. He was called Darren then and was less magical...


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didnt he get bullied at skool? something in one of his shoes about sum chumpz who used to own him?
I didn't see it but I wasn't there long. We moved to Guildford and I had to change school



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