Software or hardware?
(12-08-2016, 04:33 PM)Cf Wrote:
(12-08-2016, 02:29 PM)JP 24/7 Wrote:
(12-08-2016, 02:19 PM)ob Wrote: I should imagine they're gonna amend the technical standards in this current review didnt bacta or someone have a moan about them being too rigid?

They'll have to if they want to have a 150 repeat chance in any case, or are we just gonna see a flat 150 jackpot with no repeat chance? Tbf apart from lo techs and 70 converts nothing repeats the jackpot in any case on 100 let alone would they on 150!

As far as I'm aware it's only a review of stakes and prizes. Technical standards doesn't come into it?

I recall seeing something in the proposals too about changing it so games have to be within "the spirit" of the rules rather than rigorously enforced by them.

An example is Cash Exploder. The way the CPs originally worked on them was technically against the standards so they were forced to change it to how it is now. I wouldn't be surprised if this proposal is partly Betcom kicking off about this.

Sounds about right. An industry lacking in any form of real regulation wants to be able to move the goalposts even more. I can see it now - something untoward appears in some source code or another and they'll just claim it was in the spirit of the rules. Basically a get out of jail free card then.
The future is much like the present, only longer.
To be honest the industry don't give a shit about the regulations regarding compensated games and just want randoms in all the pubs. That is the end goal...

Absolutely ridiculous how much those Genie Jackpots etc on the Blueprints can take being random and you don't get a repeat chance on them if they (very rarely!!!) actually award £100
They're very soft profiles those random blueprints it's very rare they give wins over 20/30 without you gambling past that
How will the pubs cope with random games, when they currently insist on incredibly flat, rigged profiles due to not being able to stomach weekly cashbox fluctuations?
It's due to the soft profile off the random games the fluctuations will be small and it's incredibly unlikely with a decent amount of play those games would ever return over 100% on the week say
There shouldn't be too many fluctuations if it's a very soft random profile.
Is there much to be achieved from getting involved with them? Soft random profile i'm guessing you won't have to be on it too long before the odds are firmly against you?
They're pointless, the mugs playing them might as well be in the bookies playing for a £500 jackpot (Which they can still do on 25p 50p or £1!) rather than £100 most of them are the exact same games!

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