Software or hardware?
Always knew about Betcom crap note acceptors etc and especially nicking the tenner on the newer techs. Today, however, I played a paddy power on what appeared to be much older tech, using the old barcrest cab and red note acceptor. Surprise surprise it had me for a tenner note payout but landlord took a picture before he reset it for the inevitable 'what tenner' scenario. With this unit using the older tech I am starting to think that the programmers tell the unit to 'disregard error' to keep it in service and make money. Thoughts?
Deffo a way to pocket money as the cunts still won't explain why they coded that
i must be 4-500 down in "lost tenners" it's a joke, you just have to accept it every time and not even mention it.
The worst is when you try to be clever and resolve the error yourself only for it to do again and suddenly you're £20 - £30 down!  Trying to explain to the bar staff is like talking to a brick wall, then you tell the engineers who 'according to the logs it only owes you xxx' PISS OFF!

One of the most helpful bar staff was typically when I was about 180 quid in a Monopoly Reel Estate (yeah, god knows why I was playing that shit but anyway!) and it decided to alarm with another tenner in, wonderful - got a call the next day informing me they had my tenner greattttt except I'm now about 100 miles away so just put it in your charity box or something lolol

Did have a stage recently though where a lot of machines seemed to error whilst spitting a random tenner out but still retaining the full bank after a restart (so not minus the tenner) so it can work both ways I suppose!

But seriously how hard is it to design reliable money mechanisms?!  You certainly don't see FOBTs with PAY UNIT ERR 17 on the screen!
Watched a friend playin LALP saturday night, one that we soon realized was moved from a nearby spoons that had errored twice to us a month or two back, and at least 5 times to other random punters of which the staff had made us aware of, stealing notes on a regular basis and having the tech come out at least 7 times. The 2nd time having to 'cut a deal' with the staff after 3 weeks when it owed 50 and they offered 40 after a bit of fuss made due to taking so long with no reply lol, only being told that it had ''been taken away for a proper test''.
so he collects, and gets the note mech error in it's newly situated location. Got the bar staff and manager to witness it on the reset. obviously, does it again, mech error and reset prooving the bank is lighter. tried to collect it does 10 coins and note errors again. reset it and it's also a tenner missing from the bank this time for some stupid reason, on top of the two tenners that didn't come out. 
manager said that the tech had came out that very morning for a note error, and that they gonna get rid of it this time. Overheard him on the phone from a distance saying that it owed £20, couldn't even be bothered to go and inturupt him and say that it should actually be 30.
Name details given etc.
Off into the town nearby, guy decides he wants to play Winsons. Knowing it's set to pay out 20's and of course, this one decides to do it to.  20 note missing from payout. rest luckily came out in coins.. 
At a guess, between us since they been out, perhaps 80-100 down on notes that have dissapeared and never been paid. Possibly adding another 40 to that Rolleyes .

Blatent robbery, when there must be 50-100 different people claiming the same thing regarding missing tenners - yet the engineer doesn't believe any of em lol..
it isn't the case that the engineer doesn't believe you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It's also criminal when the machine brings up the error before showing your bank after a power off and back on, I've lost an entire 3 figure IOU in the past - in a Spoons, where the manager heard the alarm loud and clear and even gave me a signed bit of paper but couldn't put a figure down due to the above reason, so it was useless, ended up fighting with Spoons and Gamestec for weeks then just couldn't be arsed anymore to be quite honest, may or may not have taken a little souvenir from the machine in question instead as compensation!
I've had a syco popeye error on payout and clear the whole bank when turned on! This was a bob Rudd unit miles away from home. Luckily I got the pub to post me the money owed. They were pretty good to be fair!
Sooner the industry completes the move to ticket out, the better.
Problem with TITO is unless they have a cash out machine, you might get quite a bit of aggro if you keep cashing out high value tickets in certain places!
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Can't remember name but a while back quite a few ticket units came out, half the time, bar woman e.t.c complained ya taking all my change, or even don't have enough cash on us even to pay, quite a bit of heat I would imagine.
They have card readers before they have tickets. Mechanical stuff is far less reliable
Gamestec tried to do a tito thing in pubs recently. Think it fell flat as haven't seen it for ages. It is done in service stations though
Has anyone spoken to the gambling commission about these errors? It proudly states on the g2 site that they are licensed and regulated by them, including the required operating license number. These problems are breaching this license, so its time to have this issue resolved, or the licence revoked.

The latest error for my catalogue is just a repeat of all the stories above. Recently I've been spinning off 25p at a time to get the bank out in coins and avoid the note error. So this time it decided that the only way to scam me was with a coin error instead. Spits fresh air, error on screen. No evidence of bank of £80.

Helpful barman switches off and on, £10 gone from the bank (now £70) then error. Tries again, another tenner gone. He wanders off to the bar to get a pad and pen, so I pull the thing forward from the top and smash it back against the wall. There's a satisfying rattle. When he comes back I suggest we give it one more try, and lo and behold it deducts one further tenner (£50 left), pays 10 coins, then pays the rest out successfully (ironically, all in notes).

So that's another £30 gone. Engineer has been out and there's no record of any discrepancy. Obviously.

Question for Andy, if you are still here. Why does the program deduct £10 from the bank before it is successfully paid out? It is not acceptable that the machine does not have a 2 way communication with the note or coin hardware. The software can't just tell the hardware to pay £10 and assume it does it. This is illegal. It has to have confirmation of success or failure from the hardware first, at which point it then either deducts the money from the bank, or shows an error on screen. This error must include the amount owed.

I want an explanation from someone at your company as to why this doesn't happen and I will be taking this further to get one. Your customers shouldn't be putting up with being stolen from every single day of the week by hardware and software that is unfit for purpose. Actually, not "unfit for purpose," make that "fucking garbage."
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Fantastic post. Furthermore - why did betcom or gsquared actually change the programming on their machines - ie when they go on their " run " do they then decide to throw in £70 - 100 quid worth of baseball boards for example, and the continuous "gamble - lose" boards. Thats not game play. Thats outright theft. A machine that is in a state of happiness, and is ready to pay - only to be blocked by something that prevents you getting a board. Gsquared were a refreshing idea at the time, and having met Andy I can say he is a nice enough chap, gave a tour of Gsquared and even saw Toastbusters and Baaaaabarians before they were finished. HOWEVER - Betcom have destroyed what was originally a good concept. The Moo I played today was on its run £50 in. It then blocked any sort of fruit win, and gave baseball boards for £100. It then proceeded to give a flat. What were once OK machines, and now factually unplayable unless you are fucking Dondplayer where every fucking single machine is fucking tucked. I actually wrote to Betcom recently, and their sheer arrogance of themselves showed by the fact they didnt even read the email.
You're on the money there mate I think the go too thing with these games is that if in doubt go in favour off the machine and think it's paid the money when it's not sure whether it has

These new games are made so cheaply that they error more than they ever have done that's for sure!
Pilsbury I agree I mean is it that hard to program it to be able to give the red top off that trail feature it really doesn't seem too taxing!!!!!
The only useful thing they programmed in here's a hint for anyone wanting to speed them up if there's no win there on the reels or pie symbol in view you can consistently hold the reels and it won't stop holding. You mayaswell do that for at least 70 quid as it won't be giving it for less than that in!!!!!!
The gambling commission are about as useful as Gamestec so good luck with that!
It's not just G2, Blueprint and other Betcom have the same errors.

I've had an Ivor Thomas Popeye do the take £10 on reboot. Paid out the till but was then informed next visit that Ivor Thomas collector said I was lying! So whys there an extra tenner in the machine then?!

Same issue with Regal in the pub upstairs in Manchester Piccadilly station on a Viva Las Vegas. Manager witnessed it take a tenner, I had a feeling it was going to error so got them to come and see and it did error so yeah. Rebooted and it paid the rest minus a tenner. They didn't pay out the till but called an engineer, said machine was replaced. Heard nothing. Contacted regal on Facebook to be told no extra money in machine. Left them a shitty review and they then agreed to send me a cheque which I received but should not have to go down that road.

Then there's the completely different issue I had in Liverpool. A syco gaming popeye errored - off and on completely cleared the bank! Was a bob Rudd unit. Got in touch with them via spoons manager and got in touch personally on Facebook too... Cash arrived in the post so happy days.

Still, for every error I'm paid out for, there are probably about 5 I'm not.

Personally I find Blueprints are the worst culprits, so not sure why everyone's taking it out on just G2, although same tech and similar code I guess.

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