New Record for Peko
Playing one of my favorite games Hokuto no Ken ( Fist of the North Star) today. The unit I am graced with is tight and I've been keeping tabs weekly on a big payout dropping. It hasn't so far, so today I decided to play and waste an hour or so before some pinball action.

The way the bonus works on this, is you get awarded a set amount to be paid (Say, ten pounds.) You go through the free games, and when you have won that
ten pounds, you enter a battle sequence (over 8 games or so) If you win the battle, you are awarded another set paid amount which you play off, do a battle, rinse and repeat.

You can also boost your set paid amount mid battle, through special features, extra battles and occasionally, Special Episodes.

Today, I managed a new record.
You start with a 100 coin set paid amount(Lets call this ten quid) and over a few games, I managed to get a boost of 1880 coins. 188 quid there. 
After retriggers, I managed  to hit over six THOUSAND coins, from a 3 coin bet. Thats like staking 30p for 600 plus pounds.
Videos and total incoming. Japanese machines are so much better than the rest.


CEO of JPF Japan. I play PACHISLO.


Random battle demonstration

Another part. The kanji reads 'North Star Battle' which is like a win streak to use later.

The last couple of sequences and end total. Great day!

Dont worry about coin worth. Think about it as 3 coins in, 6442 out. Do the maths.


CEO of JPF Japan. I play PACHISLO.

Imagine having 4 of them in the bookies!

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