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hi guys... hoping for a quick reply if anyone is online. I'm looking for some screen recording software for recording online sessions. I use my phone usually but it's not quite as good. Has anyone got any they can advise me to use: I'm down over 4k today and want to see if i can record what I've got left (2.5k) but getting my phone out every feature is pants lol

thanks in advance
Camtasia. It's ridiculously priced though so download a snide copy.
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I highly recommend taking a gander at the Portable Apps web site. Everything on there is free, and instead of EXE installers, you download them as ZIP packages where you can extract to a folder. 'Portable' means that the program isn't bothered which drive letter it runs from, so you can run it off a USB stick if you wanted to. Personally, I run them from D. It also means that if you need to reformat/reinstall Windows, the portable apps will remain intact with your chosen settings.

VLC - lets you record the desktop

CamStudio - lets you record the desktop

I get on better with CamStudio, but give both of them a try Smile
CamStudio without a doubt mate I know a few people who use it and it does everything they need it to and it's free
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If you have an Nvidia graphics card you cna use ShadowPlay which is the best method. Comes pre-built in with the drivers/software.

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