Nicks shits (nickslots)
if he'd reversed all his pendings that would have been epic degen! lol good watching tho!
Alcohol had a bit to do with it i think. He was supping for most of the stream from what i can see. And we all no drinking and gambling dont mix. Losing a few 100 for some reason tilted the fuck out of him. Hes still well up at the moment , but you just no it aint going to end well at all. Best channel out there though.
(10-17-2016, 06:58 PM)ridye Wrote: I don't really understand taking the deposit bonuses myself, I mean if you're a streamer it does give you more balance to play with but I think £100 is £4500 wager and £200 is £7500 wager so you have to really hit several huge bonuses to even have a chance of cashing out

It varies by casino, but I think the latest ones are 100% match, 35xB WR (so £100+£100, £3500 to wager)

I have watched a couple of times, and you see a lot of the ultra-high variance slots - Novomatics, Raging Rhino, Dead or Alive... - where a significant percentage of the RTP is in those monster hits.

I wonder if they've found a way to exploit the deposit bonuses though - especially if they get a 100% match on every deposit:

Deposit £100, get £100 bonus (with £3500 wagering requirement)
Playing at £1 to £3 per spin, any significant hits (e.g. £1000) should result in a substantial cashout [£1000 win, £3500 WR = £825-£895 expected return], if they don't hit they lose the money half as fast.

That's not including all the affiliate money they're getting from referrals of course!
Fortunately I self excluded some time ago and online bookies refuse me if I try to set up an account. Not tried it with any off-shore outfits
I look at it as if they give you a huge amount to play with you will bet bigger if you deposit say £100 and get £1000 to play with you will play £5.00 spins+ as you got £900 "free" this in turn gets you to gamble harder quicker. same as bookie do tourneys
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I've mentioned donations before, but on one of nickslots videos a "top donator =£200" scrolled by..

Really don't get it, a couple of quid is bewildering however 200 quid?! I'd be happier knowing that he's making those donations up in order to try and get other mugs to do it
I find the whole concept of donating to enable a gambler to broadcast the fun they're having with your money utterly bewildering. Just watch some other videos of big wins, or have a punt yourself.

I can understand staking someone into an online poker tournament if you think they are a decent player/on good run/playing a weak field etc, because you can then watch online and support them, as you have a vested interest. But watching someone spunk money away on -EV games on which they cannot possibly have any advantage, and then donating money to help them continue doing it, or help them achieve bonuses or affiliate revenue or just seems bizarre in the extreme.
Clear a lot are other streamers donating or clearly people he k las. Why anyone would give to anyone to play let alone nick is mind boggling!..I'd much rather keep my money or have a bash myself
The concept works as he will play requested games. I would rather pay $20 to watch a high bet poker tourney and choose a player to support for fun than to take part myself when I have to pay 5k to play knowing I'm shit at poker and will lose. Kinda makes sense your all chipping in small amounts to see someone bet big but of he hits a winning sesh I'd expect double or my money back with tip at least lol
The big donations are usually other casinos, very cheap advertising for them with 'TTRCASINO' scrolling along the bottom of loads of streams for hours each day!
Pay to watch or pay to stake... only stake makes sense, how ever on any scale you ain't going to get fuck all doing it legit.
Nicks a fraud..fake reactions, lies all the time..and these nutters that donate to him need a clip. He plays offline a lot to when he is 'poorly' all with the donators money..the man makes me sick..give me Timmy anyday and that's saying something!..
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If you watch someone streaming for 5 hours it's not crazy to make a 5 quid donation, people pay for entertainment in loads of ways, there's no difference here really.

I wouldn't do it personally but I can see why people do.

Why is NickSlots a fraud exactly, what is he being dishonest about? He's a live streaming slots player who accepts donations if you want to make one, he seems fairly open about what he is doing to me.
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Yeah it would be different if he loaded up a 10er and started doing 10p spins then fucked off for a week to Blackpool lol
i've donated fivers and tenners, a few to Nick. it's just a token for the entertainment if you enjoy it. same as any other tip eg hairdressers, taxi or restaurant.

if i won euro millions i'd prob tip nick 50k!
rocknrolla now up to £100 bets on the slots, insane in the head! lolol

I mean he managed to end his stream with £3k odd still in the balance but I'm worried he didn't cash out!  There is the argument he built that up from £200 but still!

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