Premium of Hades Bonus Games
This video shows the bonus game accumulation on the Premium trigger, from my favorite slot Another God Hades.

There are 3 triggers you might get upon entry. Normally, the weighting is: Hades 2%, Persephone(second best) 7.5% and Cerberus (lowest) 90.5%

HOWEVER.... If 1600 spins have been played since the last Bonus, the trigger is Hades 100%. In this case, I get a bonus after 945 games... However I think the day before, there were 650 spins made before closing time. This gave me the 100% Hades trigger. 

The trigger USUALLY lasts 10 games, where you are given opportunities to aim the Hades symbols on tge line. If you succeed, you are given 100 more games. If you miss too bad. Its completely predetermined so some speed players just knock anything in on the reels, as it will always award tge games. 

After 10 games are  played, the trigger usually ends and you begin your accumulated bonus games. On rare occasions, it will continue on and on!


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how much do these pay out rougly?
The games look amazing in Japan and yeah I would be interested to know how much you can win on them and how much you did win in the video
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They have 6 percentage settings, named Level 1, up to Level 6. The percentages for each level vary between each machine, so it isn't standardized like in the UK.

Typical slots on level 1 would have a payout of about 95% and level 6 would be 110-120%. One of my home slots was Level 1 97% Level 6 103%. So they can be softer at times.

Due to the payout and exchange, which should be coins = prizes(but of course we know arcades offer semi legal exchange for money) the machines can be set at over 100%. Usually the parlours will have most on Level 1, and scatter some high level slots around, and change these every few days. Typical parlours will have 20 of each popular machine. Think about that compared to the woeful 30% that the UK redemption machines get!

The Japanese slots are EXTREMELY high variance, and its not too hard to do mega brains even in a level 6. However, if you have the time, they can give a feature that lasts hours, and pay tens of thousands of coins.


CEO of JPF Japan. I play PACHISLO.


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