I've had a raft of similar scenarios when playing the last few Pooprint/GSkewed breed.
It goes like this - first board opens up standard deal. Can offer up to £10 cash side.
Push it out and it costs £150+ for either a flat or money back / slight loss.
The  number of times this has happened has been too many to ignore over the last couple of weeks. Sure, I get that somebody probably pushed it out before me and I'm getting left over value from their force, but every time??
Redding up can be proper temperamental too. You can get redding start from £60-£70 in and take the next £50-£60 to go in. You can get no redding at all, until the first time it decides to red up at about £140+ in and it either flashes or goes in that board...
The trick I suppose it to know the history. There's no way to no just by signs that the first board opening deal is the beginning of a decent force for profit, or the tale end of somebody's previous push out, where you are likely to make a small - medium loss or money back at best.

Take that Barbarians clone, first feature today - offered £25 repeat red. £50 for £3 in, how far off going in? Then you think well, £47 up so might as well collect and walk as you are not doing much better off a full force, if it behaves itself.
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Betcom/g squared love the fact everyone pushes these out, it pushes money through the games so they take money to RTP.

Tbh they are a pretty well levelled game, if you keep pushing out dond, it will relent for a jp/50 deal etc. I didn't use to think so but I've witnessed a few people try and they do seem to relent in the end! In the end however you play them, if you put enough in it will cough out a decent win. I was in a generous mood today so tried to advise some bloke that he should just push out this cash exploder he was on that he'd put a load into, of course the allure off the golden game phones thing was too much and he just had to take it, a few crap vs mega/gold pot being crap, then it relented to mega.      

Getting a big win off nothing, now that's another thing on them!!!
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I can only assume that the machines are making decent cashboxes, by all accounts they're running on an evolution of a codebase that's been around for years. What was one of the early ones on £35 jackpot, 'Warped' or something? And IIRC there were even a couple of machines with the same basic structure back on £25 JP. Point being that if they haven't seen the need to fuck about with it for so long, they're probably doing alright.

At the end of the day with these they're pretty flat profile, and from reports on here it sounds like even the more casual end of the market has cottoned onto the fact that if you pump enough into them they'll cave for a JP/mega without a disastrous loss being suffered, or will offer the DOND cheaply which they can afford to because the game is heavily biased. (Or 'rigged' as some like to call it, although on a fundamentally compensated machine you can't say a DOND game is 'rigged' just because it's compensated like everything else about AWPs is.)

When you consider the absolutely battered states that players will leave machines in if there's anything on them, it's easy to see the appeal of the Betcom profile to operators, casuals, and even some less ardent players. We had a spate of Jailbreaks around here a couple of years ago and I didn't mind them at all, never took a bad kicking on one and often got a modest raise.

Maybe they've tweaked the profile now to make it harder to take even that modest raise out of them, but they're having to combat both the £100 jackpot and derisory AWP percentage payouts - and if the machines are earning well they'll keep on churning them out.
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Juggling jackpots was a £25 jp, was that the first in the series? Can't say I can remember!

Didn't global make that? Dont think betcom were around back then, although it's quite possible the programmers from global went to betcom!
I used to find warps quite good machines and not necessary all out forces, but like been said, the gameplay difference from 25/35 jackpot to the 100 is a big step to cope with, they managed to make some good club machine profiles were made back in the day mind, even the 10pers weren't to bad, club casino crazy, cops and robbers to name a few, although good games you didn't see the jackpot that often, but it just helped that in general the games were just so more enjoyable to play.
Think jackpots that rock n roll was before juggling jackpots.
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Not sure on that one, had some battles on that jackpots that rock and roll though I remember that much!
shouldn't you be in the bookies ob?
Games media had the betcom people I believe.

Poker face didn't have the betcom branding but you can see on the bank job fuck up when it says poker face that they've used the same code. Not the first or last time they've done something like that either!

Most recently cleopatras chest said willy wonga during mega streak!
It also said 'Grab Cleopatra's Chest' when you got the white flash!
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