A slight twist on the fruit machine idea
Have anyone seen this before in a brick-and-mortar shop?  I can see this doing well as a pub fruit or inside an arcade/bookies cabinet (cat C digi or B3).  It is still a fruit machine, but implemented more like a scratchcard.  It's probably programmed in Flash or HTML5.

From what I've figured from the video, 3 of a kind is a win and 5 of a kind triggers the feature.  The feature has a background colour based on which 5-of-a-kind fruit triggered it.  The triggered fruit keeps appearing and will boost a multiplier meter.  Other 3-of-a-kind fruits will add to another meter, the win meter.  The feature keeps going until the triggered fruit no longer appears, then the 2 meters are multiplied.  I like the music and the retro arcade games-style sounds Smile

Played this before online. Though not for very long. Its pretty boring. Got a feature which paid about what I'd played through so was pleased I could get off it without a loss.
Also played it on casumo trust me it can eat big time
I've tried this slot online, £3 stake, won 380 off 1 feature...
Yes can eat big time and can win big...
It's boring!
Is the Youtuber "Hyperfuse" on Jackpotty?  Maybe he saw my thread as he's just posted a Fruit Warp video.  Or maybe it was a coincidence Smile

Sounds like he was talking to someone on the phone during the vid lol


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