Spinonit's decent online wins
Been playing a bit more online recently with much success so I thought I'd add some pictures of some decent wins. These are all gained in the last week or so. I have had many other high 3 or 4 figure wins but don't always think to take a picture of them.

I'll try and put some more up as I go along but, as I said, I don't always remember to take a picture and I cant be bothered with a video or whatever so they might not be that regular. The RR one obviously hit a x200 but I missed the actual picture of the pot being awarded.

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Not sure why the RR one shows upside down by the way.
Some massive wins there.  What was your initial bankroll?  Nearly up to £12k on that Wizard of Oz one  :D

Why not just take a screengrab rather than a photo?  It's much easier.
Yeah, it got to about £12500 and I took out £8500. Three of those are from the same 24 hour period on betfair. I always keep a £3-5k float on there for the exchange but had a day or two where their slots went mad. Near enough £10k up in a day! The Immortal romance one was this morning on leovegas. Deposited £400, took out £4700.

Cheers for the advice on the screen grab. Will give it a go next time.
Yep some nice balances to boot' there!
(04-20-2015, 07:36 PM)mr x Wrote: so if i wonted to buy me own house as i have over 10k a year coming in would i get turned down as well
There must be some brains done too at those stakes!!!
Depends what you call brains. I've probably lost maybe £1000 in a day(on slots, more on horses) but definitely no more than that. If it got silly and I started to lose more than that I'd just not do it. As I've said loads of times before, if you're gambling and have no discipline you need to stop asap.
Fair enough! It's easy to lose a grand in 10-20 minutes playing at like £10/spin though, takes decent discipline to just think fuck it that's enough!

I know I would probably carry on, or switch to roulette to chase it lol, hence why I never gamble online on anything other than sports betting.
These online slots seem very glamorized on here tbh lol, you'd think it were easy to go along and win a load of money!

In reality the majority of sessions will be losing ones!!!!

Just trying to put it into perspective! Don't want people blowing their money to those greedy online casinos, who will do anything to try and rope you into playing there in the first place, with these ridiculous bonuses which no doubt are rubbish as require such a massive playthough!!!!

There again, if you find em fun and don't ever tilt, then I can see the appeal for those people!
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To be honest, that win on RR at £10 a spin happened in the first 3 or 4 spins. I genuinely loaded it up thinking I'd have 10 or 20 spins at a tenner and if no good then that's it. It's not even a game I generally play. Mainly I'll play at between £3-5 stakes.
4 reels on IR, virtually impossible on anything above min stakes so thats very nice.

any probs with the leovegas cashout? Suspect it was slow?
Never had any trouble with them. If I ever withdraw before 11pm its with me by 3.30pm the next day.
I would rather punt a few hundred online than in the bookies anyday. Start 30p and 60p spins and build up. Had some good results on casino luck and slotboss recently and payouts are quick. I find it hard doing small stakes in bookies whereas online I play more cautiously . Never compelled to chase anything so when I lose , that's it for that day . Some of the online slots , especially the Netent stuff play reasonably well . With nothing to play in pubs , I would resort to online over bookie /arcade stuff to get my fix every time
Plenty of Netents on +97% RTP so they're a much, much better proposition than bookies shite on 90%.
From what I've seen of watching quite a lot of the online streamers the 80p - £1.20 sort of area seems to work quite well. If you want to bet higher the Novomatics are a fair shout but can suck your balance rather quickly! (On the flip side they can also repair it very quickly!)

Casumo seems to be the best one to play on in terms of variety too
Much better rpt than bookies etc yeh but remember they are still there to make money off you not lose!!!
Online casinos must make such a big profit margin I mean they've got low overheads it's just all profit!
Something I didn't know learnt by watching the streamers is the game companies host the games on their servers not the casinos so even less expenses there too lolol
(08-16-2016, 11:43 PM)ob Wrote: Online casinos must make such a big profit margin I mean they've got low overheads it's just all profit!

No rent, heating, lighting, refreshments etc.

Can acquire customers from anywhere.

Licence to print money.
Tbf I'll admit to playing these onlines a bit off late, I didn't even realise my slots self barring period from skyvegas was over from absolutely ages ago (ie like 5 years plus) but had an odd 25 on pick and mix on the cash crop (coin feature) land for 177, and today had a 90 deposit into ooh aah Dracula 30 megaspins return 190 after the last 30 off it gave a 4 hearts feature for a pants 40 quid but got a 150 bonus from the graveyard thing!!!

Brains is probably coming soon which will lead to another self exclusion from slots lol!!! These 99/98% payouts are tempting though when ya half pissed late at night ?

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