Mr Ps Tonbridge summer party 27th August
Free BBQ and excellent promotions on brilliant machines! Who's going? 

Me (need to check the diary)
You might as well put dude_se down in fact he's probably already camping outside for a go on the Labyrinths they've just got in recently!
This event makes me look like a non shark when you are there. Did you want a local breathing down your neck?
Could be interested in this is i can get rail travel below £344556
Mr P's will be on its arse for a week after JPF members raid it.
Lol it always is tbf the locals know the score on the old stuff there!!!

A good laugh nonetheless though!!!
I so wish there was a place like this in the West Midlands.
(08-18-2016, 07:30 PM)jokepoteer Wrote: I so wish there was a place like this in the West Midlands.

Agree. Anything like this north of london would do. Im sure the mr ps brand and them classics would have more footfall than they have all the Way down fackin Kent!!
Lol. If only we could have some dotted about, couldn't give a monkeys about the money just to get the games out there.

Today I just put Red Arrow, Red Alert and a few other nice gems in (surprises lol)

It's nice to put Gravesend behind us and look to the future.

Hopefully see a few of you Saturday but if not have a awesome Bank Holiday weekend!
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