32red disaster
Anyone feeling a bit sick today, not has much as me.
I do like a go online from time to time but fancied a new site, heard some good things about 32red, so signed up, with the 32 quid for every tenner deposited wWelcome bonus, so 50 deposited and had 210 to play with 6400 wager to do.
So on Saturday night cracked  on getting some nice wins and a very nice 1,250 on break the bank on free spins very nice.

Anyway logged in last night a few more good wins up to 1,500 bonus balance and 3/4 wagerd I thought I'm on to winner,  nope, went to live chat to ask about withdrawal amount,  and basically they said you already have an account and we are resetting your bonus balance, but you can have your 50 pound back, . 

I honestly can't remember already having an account, aperently I deposited 10 pound for 32 a while back , I can only think I must of done this at 4 in the morning after a heavy boozy session,  sick is not the word .

I did ask them today why they even let me start the bonus if already done it, and wasted over 12 hours of my life wagering,  either way I still look at it a nice 1500 down a bit to wager, but had been floating around this amount for a while,  sick as a pig.
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cant beat a nice double post like, ooops.
You shouldn't even be allowed to get that far. When registering it should say you already have an account (can normally be determined via your post code/email address etc/even security question)

Sickening as you rightly say.
(04-20-2015, 07:36 PM)mr x Wrote: so if i wonted to buy me own house as i have over 10k a year coming in would i get turned down as well
I had that once on bingo site deposited£20 spent that then went to bonus money I actually made wagering but when I come to withdraw they locked my account. So I kicked off in live chat asking wtf anyways I apparently had another account with a sister company and they wouldn't give my original £20 back due to me spent it. Why do they advertise so many sites when in reality you can't join em. Now I just stick to a few sites I know. Although did try getting on guts.com but not deposited yet so maybe the next one for me lol
That's what I thought, I mean yeh if I was daft enough to open account drunk and can't even remember it then fair enough, but it's fact it let me do all the address stuff bank details and then accepting the bonus.

Was buzzing when the 1,250 dropped in as well, biggest on line win I've had, well that's what I thought might as well been demo play.

Like I say well over 3/4 wagerd about 1,500 left to go and about the same amount in the bonus balance so I was doing well, then after all them hours wagering to have took of me, Was never keen on Mondays but now I really don't like Mondays.

Just give me 50 quid back and I had it withdrew straight away, went and told them on live chat just to close my account, because I couldn't cope playing there again, shame because it supposed to be one of best, but no chance after that.
Can't help but imagine if you'd of lost the 50 then it would have been a different story. Unlucky as it is, Fair play for getting so far, the 32red selection seems dire as of late so stay away from there myself.
That is absolutely not acceptable and would not ever happen on RockBet Casino
(08-03-2016, 09:06 PM)RockBet Wrote: That is absolutely not acceptable and would not ever happen on RockBet Casino

If you are just here to promote your site maybe you should pay Gambo.
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Bellend123, deathdevil, Mr Move It
Yes Matty I'm sure if the 50 had gone in a flash not one word would be said, anyway we live and learn, just typical I'm pretty skint and my car tax, insurance, and I've broke the handbrake, so that winfall would of been nice.

what's people's favourite site at the moment out of interest, I see on casinomeister video slots won best casino award last year, have had a little look on there site and they do 100 percent match on first deposit up to 200 might give this a blast at weekend,determined to get my own back or get some sort of streak somewhere, I should just try and battle on 32 red and get my own back but can't face it.
Not her to promote anything just pointing out a fact
We're in the business of gambling and this is a gambling forum

One of the nets finest and best gambling forums acording to my search results and just interested in people's gambling views and behaviour

Nothing more :)
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(08-03-2016, 09:39 PM)RockBet Wrote: We're in the business of gambling and this is a gambling forum

One of the nets finest and best gambling forums acording to my search results and just interested in people's gambling views and behaviour

Nothing more :)

Fair enough, might want to do an introduction post too then
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(08-04-2016, 12:28 AM)Slasher Wrote:
(08-03-2016, 09:39 PM)RockBet Wrote: We're in the business of gambling and this is a gambling forum

One of the nets finest and best gambling forums acording to my search results and just interested in people's gambling views and behaviour

Nothing more :)

Fair enough, might want to do an introduction post too then

Have done  Shy
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Don't play at 32red anymore cause i can't play DOA.
But i have had 2 accounts there for ages, i couldnt remember the password for the original account so the CS was ok with me creating a new account (both are still open and registered to my name, but i only use the latter one). I have withdrew on the odd occasion and had no problems regarding the 2 accounts.
I wouldn't of expected such harsh treatment from 32red tbh either.

Yorkster - read the terms carefully for videoslots, because from what i remember when registering with VS.... unless you get offered a different style of bonus, they usualy get released in increments ie; deposit £10 get £10 and everytime you wager X amount it will release a % of that bonus into your real funds, as real cash.
You could deposit a tenner with a tenner bonus, starting with a £10 balance and bust out before recieiving more than £2 of the bonus ( like i did haha) Strangely they was offering that style of 100% bonus + a seperate bonus of ''also get an extra tenner free'' if the original deposit+bonus was lost, but as a straight bonus instead of releasing 20% per X amount wagered. I wouldn't of taken the bonus if i didn't have that as backup, as i wasn't interested in depositing more to keep releasing the 20%'s each time i wagered X amounts.
They have a good cashback deal and the odd free spins, and for a none bonus taker you can't find a better place AFAIK.
Hope that all makes sense, VS are not reknown for reload bonuses.

As for fav sites, for what it's worth, i play at; Thrills/Superlenny/Kaboo , Guts/Betspin/Risk , Casinoluck/NextCasino (don't join the last 2 or any at all that use everymatrix though IF you have ever excluded from ANY casino which also uses EveryMatrix software, as you will not get paid if you do win, you would simply have your deposit returned and be told to do one)

Also the WELCOME bonuses for most of those sites have different wagering requirements (higher) than that of the future reload bonuses one might take, only to stop bonus abuse...BUT do come with wager free-freespins, & with casinoluck/next casino specifically - they block DeadOrAlive during play only the Welcome bonus.
You will get wager free spins from both Guts & Thrills on a fairly reguler basis though, which is a nice touch. and a heartbreaking 5 free spins per week for free at casinoluck/next casino (with wagering)
I am ahead in each and every one of those casinos too, unfortunately only as a low roller. but still handsomely up :D

Hope that helps somewhat.
Might be worth raising this on casinomeister, there was a guy who had a bonus on Red32 I think and won a shit load of money on a slot. Red32 had messed up the bonus and wouldn't pay him out. Think they paid up in the end after casinomeister got involved
cheers guys will bare these points in mind, yeh asfish I might have a pop over to casinomeister and bring up a thread over there, Im slowly getting over the dilemma, won about 250 in the arcade fruits today of about 100, few nice streaks of magic7s and friends so has took the edge of slightly
Just reading the pink casino thread and unlucky stories including me, but this time for me luck as turned around, and with a big 10 thread been built on casinomeister about the story, some decent guys on 32red did realise that my sitiuation was completletly unintential in terms of claiming bonus with another account, and have had cash back where I wagerd to.

So cheers again Adamaddict and co for a bit interaction, and goes to show there is some good honest sites out there and what a lot of good things people say about 32 red certanly seems to be true.
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nice one. lucky that never happened at rockbet....
Tried a new site, 21casino they give you £21 free no deposit then I should of had 121% bonus but instead they gave me a 200% option which I took, put A tenner on so I think it was at least £700 wagering lol. But strangely enough I actually meet the wagering amount and withdrew £120 for my two days gambling on min stakes
But as for favourite sites I tend to stick with what I know, usually process, coral, gala casino and Costa bingo.
Good when it works out, come of with a bit of money back or even up, and a nice bit of gaming.
I just fancied somewhere new to go, I normally stick to sky Vegas, coral and have netbet, but heard of good things so went 32red. Fancied taking on a new bonus and playing a load of different games through the spare day I had, at the same time enjoying the wagering battle.

I still pop in arcades as that's what started me in the first place more than 20 year ago, but to be fair back then the fruits were a million times better, and really would be better just having a few goes online than bothering at all with arcades, sometimes can't help myself.

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