What's going on with Pokémon?
It's a new phone / tablet game.  I played World of Warcraft way back in 2005-9, and I get the impression that it's similar to that.  Monsters have 'spawn' points, except that they're in real-life situations e.g. outside Sainsbury's or on a road roundabout or inside a leisure centre.

How does it work though?

In World of Warcraft, Blizzard (the game makers) would allocate a specific area for a monster type and they would roam around in that area.  If players kill the monsters, they'll spawn again 5-10 minutes later in the same area.  You also had rare monsters which were sought after by the players, again running a parallel with Pokémon.

In Pokémon, who allocates the monsters?  The game makers or the players?  As an example, one of my local hospital's casualty / A&E department has been turned into a Pokémon spawn point.  If it was the game makers, then I think it's in bad taste as it's meant for casualties and players are going to interfere with it.  If it was a player that added the hospital to the game, then I could consider that as irresponsible at best and an internet troll (like Golden Goose) at worst.


Where does it end though?  Could my house/garden potentially get added as a spawn point?  I'm wary of teenagers trespassing into my garden.  It reminds me of an incident 5 years ago when some chavs went into my garden and stole all of my LED solar lights.  Easy pickings while I was at work one day, and it could be anyone's garden if they get added to the game.
FILTHY WOW SCUM! BOO HISS - RUNESCAPE MASTER RACE! *Ahem* sorry jad to get that out....

Pokemon Go is little, to nothing like WOW in essence, the only thing they have in common is that they have monsters in & are behemoths on their respective gaming platforms. How does it work?

* Pokemon spawn randomly but you can see what will appear in that area (Fixed spawns were in the launch trailer last year but that's for a boss mob type deal which isn't implemented yet)
* This can be increased for yourself/everyone in the vicinity of a pokestop with items
* Everyone in the same area will have the same Pokemon spawn however (albeit different levels based on the users level)
* Area can affect the type that spawn, being near a sea/river canal will make water types more likely to spawn, mountains to make rock/ground type etc.
* Pokestops/Gyms are based on landmarks populated from Google maps and the developers previous game Ingress
* Pokestops give 2 - 5 items for free, which are either balls to catch, berrys to make them easier to catch or potions/revives for fighting
* Fighting itself is can only be done against gyms at the moment and the combat itself is pretty basic, just a case of tapping the screen to attack, hold for a second to use a special move and swipe to dodge
* Gyms are ran by Pokemon you put in & other people in your "guild" I use the term guild loosely as there are only 3 fractions and you have to choose one & they don't give any benefits yet
* Aside from using your Pokemon the gyms are ran by the in game A.I and are liable to getting stick with 1 HP thanks to a lovely bug

Spawn points can be added but they are only adding them if they'll prove a use/not an issue like the churches queuing to add themselves to it. It is a great way to get some of these people out & exercising, although with how barebones the game is with lack of trading/pvp battles i'm shocked it hasn't died off yet.
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Thanks Matty for all of the points Smile

I guess that private properties won't count as locations then.
who will be the first bookies to make sure they have a super rare poke eeee fucking mong in there shop !
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Hehe Ring Sting, I know what's gonna happen...

Will happen in either Laddies or Coral's (Thai Flower):

First person to get a [Image: qFdrR8W.png] [Image: ehZhY3b.png] [Image: JTZJ5TP.png] board will get to scoop up the uber rare super-super-super-poke-eee.

Fruit machines in Australia are actually called poke-eees (true fact!)
Not ashamed to say I'm quite enjoying the game. Anyone else?

Prob be bored of it soon though.
Its not the worst haha. Although im only on level 9.
Newborn baby names are trending on Pokémon names, god almighty lol

Seems to have fallen out of fashion damn quickly

3 weeks ago when I was out it seemed most young uns were playing it

Now when I go out I hardly see anyone playing it
I'm surprised I'm still playing it to be fair. Usually would've stopped bothering by now
As stated above Mr.Move It - They can spawn anywhere, had a few in my bathroom and garden. Luckily local kids are not twats (yet) - but it has caused a few issues with idiots trespassing & falling on to railway tracks *sigh*

Had a very quick play around with it - can see it's appeal but think it will be a fad.
Hit Level 20 last night.

50,000 XP to get to 21!!!
Hey Mr Monkey, interesting about the bathroom spawn!

I'm pretty sure that my garden has become a spawn point. You have to go past a gate to enter my garden and it's quite private. However over the past fortnight, I've returned from work to find my gate wide open on several occasions (and the postie haven't been). Dunno what I can do though as I need to have the gate unlocked for deliveries. Put a sign on my door with Pikachu with a red cross / no-smoking circle over it? Or that might just invite more chavs into my garden?

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