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So ive had a 16 plate bmw 1 series as a hire car for the past few weeks as someone crashed into the back of mine (fuck knows why they gave me a brand new car haha). Anyway I had to tow my mate down the road the other day. Figured no one would know and it would be hassle free. Anyway all went well till I got home and realised the towing eye cover on the back is missing/fell off.

Have looked everywhere and can only seem to see 1 available online and its a rip off £40 quid!

Problem is its such a new car so hard to get hold of. Anyway do you think I should risk it and plead innocence or something or splash out £40 quid?
I think the insurers / dealership will spot this and will end up charging more than £40 (or you'll lose your deposit if you paid one). It could also have a collateral effect of further increasing your insurance premiums in the future, although I'm only guessing there.

Therefore I think it's best to fork out the £40 for the replacement part.
Just take the £40 to the servos arcade and turn it into £400000 like you usually manage and that'll soften the blow
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Very helpful post ridye as always.

If it were me I'd probably get the part for £40 to avoid hassle. Like already said, it could affect your deposit otherwise.
Pay the £40 and chalk it down, I was stung for a lot more than the cost when I had a hire car they said was damaged. Not worth it
Problem now is my cars been in the garage 3 weeks tomorrow. They said approx 2 weeks to fix, so it could be ready any day now, and im guessing i wont get this part till late in the week best case if i order it now, although i guess i could blag returning the car on friday or something even if they say mines ready tomorrow.

I didnt pay bugger all for this car. It was a no fault claim so all going well the other party will pay for everything (they best do, its 140 quid a day otherwise!). The other party has admitted fault etc and it should all be pretty simple as long as they dont try and fuck me for anything else.

This parts on ebay though and i dont have an account so its another bloody hassle signing up, but i guess its probably for the best splashing out 40 quid.... unless anyone spots any bmws on their travels haha.
If it's just a bit of plastic I wonder if you could get one 3d printed somewhere
Colour match is the issue?
A 3D-printed object would take longer than a week, as it would have to be made to order (called a blueprint).

Dude's best bet now would be to sign up to eBay or Amazon, get an ETA for the item and see if he can blag holding the hire car throughout the ETA. Perhaps feign a work's commitment that involves distance travelling, e.g. a 2-day conference or off-site training?
just do your standard servos run dude !

that way when you return it will be mid - December , gives the part plenty of time to arrive

happy days lol
Haha I just decided to buy it. Surprisingly Ebay was painless to use after not being on there for years. Even messaged the guy with the details of the car and if he could post it as quick as possible. He replied a few hours ago which I didnt expect with it being a sunday and he will order the part tomorrow, hopefully he will get it tuesday, then he will spray it and post it off asap for me. So hoping by wed/thurs ill get the part. Even if I get the call tomorrow I still wont be picking up the car till tuesday because of work, etc, so im sure wed/thurs wont be an issue. In fact could still be weeks before I get my car back! Although 3 weeks for a broken bumper should be more than enough time, although the guy was looking round the whole car for scratches, etc, so im really not sure what to expect when I get it back. Im hoping a miracle and it looks brand new haha. It is getting a mini valet apparently which is ideal  :D
You did right.
They'd charge the earth for a £40 part, plus there's ongoing hassle

Many moons ago I hired a Nissan Primera (this shows how many moons), and somehow lost a hubcap.

I only saw it when I was back at the hirers so too late to get another

Think overall with the hassle and crap that was over £100 back then ?
The garage said the car will be ready either today or tomorrow (today my arse, plus ill need to give the hire company a days notice anyway), and the part will be delivered today (although ill probably miss the delivery and have to go collect it tomorrow).

So assuming the garage dont let me down and the part is correct I should have my car back on friday. Part of me really wants it back as its my own car, etc, but the other part of me wants to keep racking up miles in this car, plus a 3 month old bmw is always going to be a dream to drive lol

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