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IHi guys, just a short one. Wondered if at all with interest and credibility waining regard the good old fruit and the total piss take that is the 500's if any of you had similar experiences online?..I now play there regular and have all but given up fruits since my well documented 350! Into a best offer,never once claimed to b a player but that turned me off for good,so any online horror stories Welcome!..I got a few lol!..
yes you lose all your money in the end, like all negative expectaion gambling. yes you get alot more play for your money, with the very very rare possibility of a MEGA BIG WIN!

literally all you can do is look at it as a calculated punt with entertainment and limit your losses and make sure you cash out wins!

If you don't have deposit limits in place and you start to lose control it is scary the potential to brain. I got 7k involved in 2 hours on blackjack once after losing 800 in a keybet. was down to a 300 double with 100 left that i pulled back to 6k and stopped but i know i could have done 20k if it never offered me an out because the red mist had descended fully!

lost loads over the years on slots but have £100 per week limits in place on the 2 sites i play the orange rapist!

Slingo and Casumo have GAMES and seem solid.
whenever i triple or sometimes just double up, if i have scratched the itch enough i withdraw and then wait til the next week.

by the way, it is 00.31 (it resets at 00.00 monday morning) and i have already LOST BOTH 100s on fucking rhino at 80p with fuck all but 3 shit features.
No one that tilts should EVER play online lol!
Once you go grands into roulette etc into online you've gotta think I better quit this otherwise I'll go skint very quickly! Doesn't matter how much you have to start either! 100k/500k that'll all go in the blink of an eye

I never liked slots online, you quickly lose and end up spinning to try and recoup.... For me anyhow!!
i've watched my mate lose 12k playing £50 a spin slots, took him about hour and a half.

surprises me how easy it is to put 10k online and lose it in minutes, same as putting on 50!

wonder what the most is anyone has lost in a day online casino? bet some footballers have done a few hundred k for sure.
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(07-04-2016, 12:36 AM)HoveSam Wrote: i've watched my mate lose 12k playing £50 a spin slots, took him about hour and a half.

surprises me how easy it is to put 10k online and lose it in minutes, same as putting on 50!

wonder what the most is anyone has lost in a day online casino? bet some footballers have done a few hundred k for sure.

I done similar (about 11 and a half k) about 11 years ago online, blackjack on victor chandler, despite feeling rock bottom it was the kick up the backside I needed - closed all my online accounts and never gambled a penny online since. A good fright was the best thing for me as clearly the odd loss going into the 100s/1k/2k territory wasn't enough and would have done far more overall if I stuck to my old habits.

I like watching the slot and gambling videos on youtube and can hold my own enough on the fruits to make a few quid, apart from that i'm quite happy just to watch and hear of other peoples experiences rather than let the gambler in me get involved.
Once you get into the realms off thousands down the bets get ridiculously high! Thousand a spin on roulette plus etc!

Dangerous shit!
When the fun starts, start.
Well 150 depsited in mr smith, had a decent few results,got upto 800+ sadly attempted the rhino that has his horn in sams arsehole...sadly he doesn't no more its wedged firmly up mine...dropped to 300 quid no feature not even a guarentee!!!. So I cashed out a profit,as some previous posters have mentioned which I never saw before how online is just as dangerous as the 500's so tail between my legs I apologise again for the anti 500 posts,I havnt yet done balls in via online but can see easily how it's on the strength of that,I have restricted my few accounts only actually 3 to 150 a week which I can afford,still if it goes tits up weekly that's a 450 a week loss...which really is pay mortgage money almost...strange game this gambling lark isn't it guys!!!.
Online is wayyyyy more dangerous than 500s!!!!
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Mr Move It
Thank god they restricted bookies to max win 500, if not I could have seen myself blowing some big money in ladbrokes!

That was generally the only one that did the high limit roulette back in the day, you had the odd hills that had one terminal that allowed big bets but in general it was only ladbrokes that did it from what I remember!
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Mr Move It
what did they used to be able to pay out in bookies then? never really went in one since £8 and £10 jackpot days til maybe 7 years ago, so from 96 - 2008 no idea what was in bookies, had bigger fish to fry!!
Wish I had never found out the bookies offered Rainbow Richards and the like on their faulties, that was probably the start of a downfall! (Although back then it was just Rainbow Richards, Rocky and the like rather than a million and one games!)

I also still maintain the best faulties by far were those slim purple ones Ladbrokes used to have!
I'm pretty sure when the original roulette terminals were out , the max win was 10k. Not sure there was a maximum bet.

The small square machines. There used to be 8 of them in one independent bookies near me ( now a ladbrokes).
100 on number max, you could bet 200 on splits etc though so it could add up to a massive potential payout, can't remember maximum although Ye could have been 10k! If you kept loading hundreds around a number it did eventually say win would exceed maximum payout
Yes the cash quest was by far the best terminal.

Quick loading
Never Ever Crashed
Had some decent content

Unless you purposely tried to crash it if you had a shit hand :D

I know a couple of lads who had a good scam with those cash quests involving retrieving your money back when inserting it.
(04-20-2015, 07:36 PM)mr x Wrote: so if i wonted to buy me own house as i have over 10k a year coming in would i get turned down as well
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I may be having a online go tonight,either at guts or thrills undecided as yet,but the deposit will be 200...sould I reach 500(unlikely) I'll cash be continued.....

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