Quicksilvers sold to...


Yeah, your arcade business is gonna fail when you never update the decor or machines, and ban people for no reason whatsoever other than the fact they might be...shock horror...winning!
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Jesus wept!

Will this takeover include the 'Silvers' branches? In Stafford, they're called Silvers but they have the same loyalty card as Quicksilvers. As of 2010/11 at least.
Yes MrM the lot. Qucksilvers, Winners, Silvers and their motorway service station arcades.

Novamatic are really trying to put a stamp on the UK low stakes gambling industry. Can't wait for when it inevitably goes tits up. I mean I read a lot of how the industry is struggling in all aspects yet these guys are throwing around millions like its monopoly money.

Also £116m is a lot for probably the scruffiest, smelliest, most outdated arcade chain out there.
The future is much like the present, only longer.
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Away match with cashino next week, good signing
Don't you dare try winning a penny in the Quicksilvers Sheffield or the police will be called

Classic video that where Tom gets a screen on Clover then a £70 pie and the machine IOUs wonder if it is still around anywhere lolol

On the Jackpotty meet we also got booted out of the Quicksilvers before we had even played anything

There are a handful of good Quicksilvers with decent staff but most are complete arseholes!
I wonder how much did tatts Talarius pay for the quick silver chain back in 2008?
Used to be ok when ral/rank had it.
They really do not like you on your mobile phone either - I got quite a stern telling off as I was texting someone while playing a machine in the Staffs Silvers a few years back.
Rip arcades
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They obviously want to own the whole gambling industry in the UK or as much of it as possible and there certainly doing something right because they made huge profits last year
Yep, you'll never win on any junk produced by Novomatic!
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Haha yeah I answered a phone call in quiksilvers in Chorlton one afternoon when playing a party time. Whilst on the fone I hit the feature for about 47 quid total. They told me to collect and leave. Still to this day I dont know why...
(06-28-2016, 11:56 PM)MonkeyKing Wrote: They really do not like you on your mobile phone either - I got quite a stern telling off as I was texting someone while playing a machine in the Staffs Silvers a few years back.

I remember that from one of our weekenders!  Wasn't a million years ago either... 2010 I think.  It was in the small Silvers and it was just before or after you had the top game on an OXO machine Smile
Best off these holes closing down tbh now,gambling has moved either to a casino or online if u have any sense,why anyone would wish to frequent a bookmakers full of people who spend what they can't afford and watch every bet u place whilst telling u the next number on rouuuulette, I'd rather bet at home in pleasent surroundings with a decent g and t than that,I'll put the odd 50/100 in a fruity if I'm in the mood,but to go to a arcade now...or pump a fobty haha I'd rather clean seaside marks house for a year on minimum wage ?
Can't be having you texting when your hand should be going nowhere other than into your pocket to get more quids.
Probly be a timer lock on the toilet soon incase you waste to much time in there too.
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kermithopper, megastreaklover01
Was in an arcade earlier and i had a bit of an epiphany. I was on something I shouldn't have been but was observing everyone doing their brains on the gaminators. One youngish woman, about 20, fattish (lol not too relevant!) quite touched me the way she looked as she had obviously gone skint - looked in her pockets, slowly trudged out and looked back sadly! I swear to god i wasn't that far from giving her her money back! Don't think she could have done more than £40-50 quid but maybe it's because she showed her feelings in that way, most males either laugh or are angry.

Do any of you feel sorry for others when they lose? I even had the thought that I wouldn't mind doing something to help them like at gamblers anonymous etc!

I did 300 in cold blood, but knew it was a punt/can afford it, even if I was pissed off at my stupidity.

Don't get how so many of the arcade workers are appear to be total cunts tbh?
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Special training camp for arcade workers.
It's like bookies staff, "they're trained to spot gambling problems" etc but at same time their shops viability depends on them. Conflict of interest....
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