Poll: Which logo would you like to see on the forum?
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CF's logo
6 27.27%
Dude_se logo
8 36.36%
Mr Move It logo
1 4.55%
Original logo
5 22.73%
Dark theme logo
2 9.09%
Total 22 vote(s) 100%
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Site logo poll...
Just to clarify - I DO 100% APPROVE OF THE CHANGES.
The co.uk bit could do with being blended in a bit more and perhaps change the friendly bit to something else or nothing at all but other than that it's pretty spot on
top top top top job, much better logo

mega stweaks and go all the ways all round, no snake flats either lol
Very good I like it

Looks better on the dark theme though
Well most people seem to use the dark theme for whatever reason (i usually use the default/light, personal preference i guess). So i was forcusing more on the dark theme, but im happy to have a tinker about a bit tonight. Would be good to put an actual catchphrase or whatever on the logo if we have one haha...
Should be a picture of Timmy in the background and also a link to hyperlynx's £15 quid line win on steamtower for over a grand Smile other than that no complaints
After a busy week finally got round to V2 of my logo. Cleaned it up a little...


[Image: darklogo.png]


[Image: 1o0twx.png]

Any thoughts?
That's much better. Only 2 things I noticed and I'm not trying to be offensive, just constructive.

The apple needs bringing forward over the shadow from the R I think?

What's going on with the blue box around .co.uk?
Well im pretty shit at designing things which is my biggest flaw really haha so any feedback is good

Anyway here is V3. Had a little play with the background too:

[Image: zlungn.png]
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I'm liking all of your revisions Dude. 3rd one's great as the .co.uk is easier to read than on V2.
Can we have the 77 for the TT? I thought that was cool.
Surprised slasher approves of the apple my lad
can you use seaside Mark's missing crown as the dots in .co.uk?!
You must mean .cex.uk coming on strong
(07-10-2016, 11:40 PM)Cf Wrote: Can we have the 77 for the TT? I thought that was cool.

No one seemed to like the 7s so I took them out lol. Did look a little odd with 2 just not sure if 3 7s would work or not...
Perhaps it's worth a try? I liked them too actually now we're on the subject lol
Version 4 will be on the way soon then haha
The following 1 user Likes dude_se's post:
get on with it my lad

7s comin on strong ................

in other words stop raping the servos and do the clucking logo dude we are waiting lol
The following 1 user Likes ring sting's post:
Mr Move It
v3 being added as we speak.

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