Site Logo
The mybb one is gay. Replace it now!

Or I will be forced to design one myself, and my artwork can be very colourful!  :D
It depends on what scheme you're using.  If you're using the light scheme, then you see this which I think Dude is referring to:

[Image: logo.png]

To be honest though, I never realised it looked like that until now when I opened a private browsing window (so that I could see the default light scheme).

If you use the dark scheme however, you see this (and this is what I'm used to seeing):

[Image: darklogo.png]

Perhaps have that logo on all schemes?
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Can we have a fruit machine themed one?
lol took people long enough to say something

I mentioned this about 2 weeks ago
Can't get the slaff...err staff
Damo did indeed mention it, just been busy and haven't had time to find the old one yet. Anyone want to design one that fits on both themes?
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If anyone's interested and is good at designing logo's then I suggest a few members make some and post them in a thread and then when there done we Vote on which one we think is the best and chose one for the site
think the servos killer needs to be on this , don't want any shit with Edmunds in though !
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Damo, Mr Move It, SmegHead
Yeah no Noel please loll

Design a few ring sting and let's put them to a vote until we decide on a winner

I would have a go at making one but it would probably be shit to be fair lol I know there's a few on here who are good at this sort of stuff

Ring sting
Mr move it

and who ever else things they can design one good enough for the main logo

designs on a postcard please, well a thread will do
Yeah I think a few people having a go at designing one would be pretty cool. Ill see if I get a chance over the next few days.

I totally forgot about changing themes though, never really crossed my mind. Although I like the light one anyway  :D
I think steelfix made the old one and the dark one. I'm shit at graphical stuff lol might have a go for a laugh.

The best 2 or 3 can be put on a rotation if we can't decide who's is best.
"the best 2 or 3"

How many entries you expecting?

Might have a crack at knocking one up when I'm home.
The future is much like the present, only longer.
I dunno to be fair. One would be good!
I'm up for making a 3D logo using blender. Could even make it animated if the site allows it.
It does, but animated might get a little annoying unless it's only slight animation? I dunno, you guys know best.
Thanks for the compliment Damo Smile I'll have a shot at it, but it will have to be later this weekend as I'm going clubbing tonight!
P.S. I think Dude_se would be a good bet as well as he's had some pretty funky signatures!
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No love for the original by Psyman i believe it was? Still got the PSD for it here.
(The image below should be transparent anyway)

[Image: c7d976df46e821012767d4b43a314ee6.png]
Excellent Matty, thanks! I'll get it put back when I get home. I don't get why they include the logo in the update package.
Its a good logo. Just nice to mix it up abit and have a change once in a while.

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