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Agreed with Peko, and pretty much the same reasons Smile Voted 2 weeks ago though by postal.
Great post Peko. Pretty much sums it up.
Well it seems that the British people have chosen to leave the EU
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barcrest junky
Result : 52% leave, 48% remain.

I will lay the blame fully on religious terrorists for swaying people's vote to leave.

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Yay I can't believe it - the right decision - although it will be a waste of time if the saved money isn't pumped into things like the NHS.

I stand corrected on the 'they will adjust the vote' theory - I was so convinced of this I was going to put a bet on for remain - I even PMd someone on here last week about this when odds were 8/13 - yesterday it was 1/10 which is the main reason I didn't - so a nice save there.
It's anything but the right decision.

Also literally one of the first thing Farage said was that £350m going into the NHS is bollocks.
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Yeah I hate people who were saying things like 'that £350m a week could go into the NHS, schools, etc' because obviously that's not the case as we get half (or whatever it is) back so that was misleading and was stated wrongly on the leave campaign's TV advert.

As you say Farage has made a point of it now.

What I want to see is some millions go that way - will it happen - who knows.
(06-24-2016, 10:44 AM)Cf Wrote: It's anything but the right decision.

Also literally one of the first thing Farage said was that £350m going into the NHS is bollocks.

Is Farage an MP?
Is Farage the leader of the official Leave campaign?
Can be Farage be trusted on anything he says?

The answer to the above is no, so why people think his claims have weight behind them is beyond me. Maybe the £350M to the NHS wasn't the smartest move and is a little over ambitious, but like both parties things get exaggerated, yeah we'll struggle for the short term but long term we will prosper.
Also look at this, the pound is still as strong was it 2 years ago, so the fall isn't as bad as it's being made out.

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This certainly is the best thing for Britain, the next few years might be a little difficult for some people

but things can only get better, the British people have spoken and they have chosen to leave so it's time to accept it and get on with it
Get rid of the tories then it might be ok
David Cameron and George Osborne are done for and will be gone soon, but if we get rid of the tories what do we have left?

Nothing really

Labour's done
Lib dems fucked it a few years ago
UKIP will probably fade away now
So that leaves the conservatives or the greens
Nhs.... does not matter how much money you throw at it, since it just gets soaked up by taking on new treatments/creating more management levels/increasing wages/financing new hospitals and so on.

only way to make nhs more efficient is to offer service to less people in less locations.
I said landslide remain weeks ago but it did look as though the gap was closing. It's the wrong decision and I am sure it will be regretted in time . Depends on your personal situation and views of course . For me, the economy needs to be stable in my line of work and this can only unsettle things - it's just how long it takes to fully play out I guess .
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I'm so glad we got out now while we had the chance, because let's be honest if we stayed in things definitely weren't going to get any better and I certainly think it was the right decision,

I never thought they would let us leave the EU, just goes to show that the voting system is not fixed and how many of you who think it was the wrong decision actually voted Remain?
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ittle ottle
I voted leave the eu.. mainly because of the way they are flooding us with immigrants.. Am I racist? No, Have I got something against the uk being flooded by immigrants? Yes.
 A granny on the news in some suburb of Birmingham summed it up!! Straight to the point.."I voted out, because the kids can't even get in schools around here, because of the immigrants"
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now ship the scotts off once and for all and let them do their own thing without getting a fucking coin from us anymore.
Well said mate.
Looks like this might be the first petition to reach 1000000

Not signing it but still a crazy amount of signatures
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