List of controlled DOND feature games
by the way, i am not bell fruit's press man! they are totally heading in the wrong direction - every one loses, i'm guessing themselves included and they need to turn around!

compulsory minimum 80%

some degree of randomness on box selection and at least however it works it should explain how to the punter, i e if it isn't a random box

reel box back so it can be trusted

offers to be more representative of risk reward!
of course "fair games" like winfall and it's bagatelle feature should be left untouched! they make you want to play and feel like you have a chance. it is also good to not know where it will land!
They couldn't even keep their hands off Win Fall, everywhere now Win Fall Drop Zone which is a bloody horrible 'enhancement'!
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megastreaklover01, Mr Move It, SmegHead
Speaking of Bankers Birthday - saw someone deal an 11 quid offer, its flashed up MEGA STREAK. Ooooo. £3000 worth of credit played, and a loss of £430, I walked. What disgusting bull shit from Bellfruit. How any machine, at ALL is capable of doing this I will never know.
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Obviously not value based then on those!!!

Just rubbish!!
You don't listen ob. I've told you they're cyclic.

Scott, I did pretty much the same. They'll give the mega or cashpot game once every 2.5k cycled on average. Otherwise it's impossible. Even if you put £300 through and collect nothing then start playing deal it'll just do x vs cp or mega with it always being x. Offers are fair though. Collecting stuff though you'll see the £25 every once in a while and that's it unless you hit the cycled deal and go for it. The cycle isn't usually free although there is a very slow background save on this which maybe allows for the odd repeat or cashpot to be free. Usually though it'll leave it on bricks. No red reels. £20+ board costs and £2-3 boards. On 70% if you miss the flash it'll cost £700-£800 in losses to see it again!
Winfall was a decent stab at a £100 really. No idea why DZ has to be so shit.

I've always found the dond game on BTT fair enough. Spins in CP/£100 often for me although people tell me I am lucky lol
I had the cp repeat as I said before on here twice on double up for very little in,game wasn't playing well either time was just the standard dond game,not super mega etc..nor even a interesting board...hence why I took the standard dond games,luckily I did granted, but I only expected money back if best not a cp box, both times was actually in my box not offered,although the first time I missed the cp offer but under a tenner later I had it in my box

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