Sandwich Machine
Found this on some FB thread and wondered what it was, it appears to say Sandwich on the glass! Looks like a crest or red but can't say I have ever heard of it, anyone?

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I think the "sandwich" bit is just a banner / bunting that someone has tacked over the glass! The fruit symbol designs (to me) would date the machine as early 2000s e.g. Austin Powers, except that this is a clubber.
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Club sandwich was I think some sort of rebuild machine. Sure there was a club sandwich version of psycho cash beast and looking at the reels it tallies. The club version Ofc
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Indeed it was called club sandwich and was by BWB
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Clone of Club Frenzy/Psycho Cash Beast etc.


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noos lla uoy ees
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Think I forced this once in the wild lol!

Cash beast I forced bloody trillions of times!
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Looks like someone's eaten the filling andvleftbthe bread, maybe there was no dough in it lol!
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Mr Move It

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