I'd wager it's a standard betcom force. 70-200 for 100 or 150. That's what they all do
I had my first Mega Streak in the box yesterday. Forced it for a flat - cost £120. Looking for a bit of value, I got a deal game and box 23'd the end and it gave the Mega.
Hoping for the £200 and at £100 it went past :)
However, it only did £150?

I thought a Mega was always £200 if it went past or is that bull, or only off the bust?

Nice result anyway!
Apparently not!
Saw one today in a Reflex cabinet??
How does that work? I mean I say Relex cabinet, what I mean is it had the Reflex logo at the top. I wasn't aware JJ was a reflex game am I an absolute idiot?
I keep seeing the cashpots out on these, i'm sure there's something on them
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I've seen some lads playing the treasure island clone of it and they were very shifty. I couldn't see what they were doing but they were constantly playing the lower part of the cabinet - the lights were off on the top. Kept collecting smallish amounts of coins
(02-05-2018, 08:54 PM)jerz92 Wrote: I keep seeing the cashpots out on these, i'm sure there's something on them

Those bastards put in a twenty but always take £6!
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