The origin of 5-reel slot machines?
Slots were invented about a century ago and they have had 3 reels for most of that time.  I have only ever seen 5-reelers as video slots from either online gambling or as B3 machines.  My earliest example was in 2001 when MonkeyKing introduced me to a gambling site called Cyberslotz and we played some 9-liner 5-reel slots together.

Were 5-reelers around much before 2001?

I had a nose on Youtube too and I found several videos of 5-reelers that have mechanical reels!  The have the hallmarks of the video slots that we know and love e.g. 5x3 symbol layout, bonus symbols (that tease when you get 2 in view), multiple pay lines, an alpha that displays which line(s) you have won on, and even a feature board above!  So did these appear in the real casinos first like the video linked below, then became video slots later?

Slightly off topic...
The very first 5 reeler I've ever came across (3 win lines ) like this,
Was an early ace coin in the space cab on 20p play £4.80 token jackpot. 

Think the big casinos like Las Vegas had 5 reeler bandits? I might be wrong...
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Mr Move It
Hot hot hot by Barcrest was a 5 reeler as was a few others but I can't remember the names
[Image: hot-hot-hot-70-pub-fruit-machine-835-p.jpg]
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Brindmeister, Slasher
Elvis 5 liner and casino 5 liner as well
There was a rainbow riches theme too and an ice one?
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Bank vault one too ?
Yeah I can't remember there names though
(04-18-2016, 10:09 PM)AMK Wrote: Bank vault one too ?

Was it safe cracker
It's a Vegas gimmick that caught on over here on 500s and was novelly introduced to cat c.
Made in 2010 hot hot hot lol seems like longer than 6 years doesn't it!!!
Red gaming porn
Hold your horses too
(04-19-2016, 12:24 PM)johncluedo Wrote: Hold your horses too

What's this one I've never heard of it, is it a reel or digital machine
(04-18-2016, 10:09 PM)AMK Wrote: There was a rainbow riches theme too and an ice one?

Rainbow riches reels of gold 

Don't know the ice one though anyone know
Freezy money?
Hold your horses was a 70 red game, used to love 140s
More reels, more stops, weighting... all means more combinations and therefore higher possible jackpots.
(04-19-2016, 02:17 PM)ob Wrote: Freezy money?

That's the one
(04-19-2016, 03:08 PM)johncluedo Wrote: Hold your horses was a 70 red game, used to love 140s

Never heard of this one mate I can't even find it when I search Google for it

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