Alcozar's random slot videos
Hello all, usually upload snapshots of decent/terrible slot hits and thought it was time to move into the world of videos instead. 

I will be adding random videos (good or terrible results) here from time to time.  Hope you enjoy, here's video number one (feature hit from a 20 pound deposit, recorded from when 8 spins were selected).

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Andy Walker, Damo, kou187
Nice hit, although it sickens me watching vids like this of montezuma as it just loves a bonus guarantee feature for me. Not as good to me as it once was.
Nice win, cheers for the vid.
Something a bit different

Something i personally enjoy on youtube is watching live play videos (usually of vegas slots like the walking dead in the usa), but online slot live plays are harder to find on youtube (usually features only).

Live play video of spartacus, 20 deposit, mindset during play was withdraw at around 30 pound plus or go bust (whichever happened first), enjoy

r.e dude_se, most of my montezuma experiences are probably similar to yours (or worse).

Spartacus... certainly different :D I liked the dance music as well when that big win appeared.
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Nice Hit! I find this game so frustrating most of the time. Ages for a feature that then does nothing.
First vid, great 2nd spin win £270 but rest seamed a bit poo although still extra £100 from remaining spins not bad off £20 deposit
just lost a grand on ragin rhino 1.20 stake over about 6 hours and then did another 1600 on black jack in 15 minutes after. it's all a total mugs game imo, unless you can actually set a limit you can stick to and you enjoy it, win or lose.

self excluded myself on that site. annoying coz a withdrawal of 800 still never went through since monday and if it hadn't been reversible i'd have swallowed the 200 odd i started with and wouldn't have deposited more.
Regarding the music... WMS put (or at least historically have put) a lot of their signature tunes on soundcloud -

Bierhaus, Black Knight, Jackpot Party, Zeus and the G+ Deluxe Big Win (which you heard in the Spartacus video) are all there.
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Live play video of full moon fortunes, 20 deposit (1 pound stake), same as usual, withdraw at 30 pounds (or above) or go bust...

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Live play video of Family Guy today (various stakes, starts at 1 pound per spin), 100 deposit, no particular withdrawal target in mind at the time but after some profit hopefully, enjoy (part 1 of 2)

Live play video of Family Guy (part 2 of 2)

Was going to deposit elsewhere today but found i had a free 15 pounds to play with  Smile (or withdraw), the decision was... Raging Rhino...

Live play video of Raging Rhino (various stakes starting at 40p)

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3 part live play video for you all on a slot I played for the first time yesterday, Nordic Heroes (50 deposited, various stakes).  Hope you all enjoy it...

Not sure when the next live play video will be uploaded for anyone enjoying them as due to a bad run elsewhere reducing play for a while, but will return (probably rtp doing its thing since having some recent good hits due a bad run, nothing worth uploading as quick wipeouts).

Live play Nordic Heroes Part 1 of 3

Live play Nordic Heroes Part 2 of 3

Live play Nordic Heroes Part 3 of 3

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Loved the Family Guy videos... lots going on with that slot and the music flowed seamlessly Smile The feature is similar to Kitty Glitter where you collect diamond groups to make (up to 4) symbols wild.
I've just found Family Guy on Sky Vegas... new game on there Smile

Played on demo on 50p spins and had 2 features on it. 1st one was the same as what Alcozar had - the free spins. Only went for £2.50 though, so 5x my stake. 2nd one, it chose the Chicken Fight which is a turn-based boxing match. You get a certain number of picks depending on how well your character does. Went for £16.50, so a modest 33x my stake. A fun slot and I like the music.

I'm not familiar with Family Guy as the TV show though, although I am a fan of South Park. Should really take a gander at Family Guy.
how have you never watched family guy? its pretty popular haha.

its also pretty good!
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Seems to be  a lot of love for Faimly Guy since i was last here (it is a good show/slot), anyway....

Live play video Wish Upon a Jackpot (25 pound deposit), hope you all enjoy it...

Another nice hit there for a small stake, cheers for the vid.
It all began with a free 15 pounds to play with (nothing sweeter than free cash) Smile
All 3 videos should be watched in order for maximum enjoyment as they follow on, enjoy...

Live Play Video Raging Rhino

Live Play Video Montezuma  (if you don't watch anything else this needs to be watched Heart  )

Live Play Video Koi Princess

Till next time....
Interesting stake policy you had there on the Wish Upon video Tongue  Thanks god the Puss in boots triggered while you were on 60p and not on the 20p lol

The only thing I don't like is that it updated your balance to £150-odd before the win animation finished.  This affects all of the Blueprint games though and a few non-Blueprint ones.
Cheers for the vids

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