Note mech error diary
The best one I had once was where the woman in the pub rang up the GamCare number on the machine to try and get it sorted!
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(01-03-2017, 01:44 AM)ob Wrote: Had an error on the juggling jps clone today had a board was a 4 quid board which I took then a 2.50 cash win after with the remaining credits for a collect and they told me I have to call the number on the machine myself!!!! bloody clueless when you get that they are!!! Thank god i didn't force the bugger and have a 150 iou or suchlike!!!!

At least the other thing in there was a 35 raise!!!!

I've had this ob, however it was for a £145 iou. The lady at the end of the phone was not impressed and said they should only deal with their customers directly, not the players of their machines. When I explained the situation that they weren't interested she became more sympathetic. I got the cheque in the post 2 weeks late.
Touch wood I have always been paid note mech errors so far, only been a few tenners tho. Have had it on the reverse side when a machine wouldn't take notes or coins so I sneakily restarted it and it spat a tenner out! Played fine after that and won another £20 on top. It didn't have any error on display, just wouldnt take cash of any kind. Wonder how many of these magic tenners the engineers pocket then say 'nowt in here mate'?
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This is my note mech diary and that was my tenner! I'm sending an invoice.
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Actually got my £50 the day after luckily. I lost £20 on a sceptre dond cops and robbers at Coventry station Although I just never heard anything and didn't bother chasing it. Regret that now haha
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