Watched a few of this mans vids tonight..is it attention or a illness?..it's all lies everything he says...never on a fobt again,but next sentence he won't lie he had a go...Jesus!..we all can gamble a bit much but this guys life is YouTube and a bet...surerly he must have family to help,watching his vids make me v uneasy as he ain't in the real world, it'll all end in snake tears bless him
The following 1 user Likes playford7's post:
plenty of people worse in this world than timmmmm
(02-14-2016, 11:19 AM)HoveSam Wrote: plenty of people worse in this world than timmmmm

Oh agreed...but if I watch his vids regularly u see a very destructive circle,back on the fobts already,just be one of those guys who bumbles threw life without a penny to scratch his arse,sad really
Just like the player in my area. He's now banned from all the bookies and a few of the casinos. Tries to sell out of date info to pay his overdue rent. Caught him doing a power play on Saturday, he'd done it four days earlier he's that desperate.

It's a downward spiral which like Timmy is being played in public.
You can see the man has his issues with a gambling addiction to boot, he doesn't appear to mean anyone harm but probably his own worst enemy.
Thank you for doing page on me will appected it got time to spend life talking about me your guys haven't looked mirror own life just told about this just shows get out house might have sad prefect life excuse life like you guys make webpage slanging off you guy's life sad excuse of human life you guys are nice life living on computers thanks guys making page up about me will greatfully for time
lol can you prove it's you timmmmmy?!
(03-29-2016, 11:59 PM)HoveSam Wrote: lol can you prove it's you timmmmmy?!
defo real timmy from YouTube
i not bad person help anybody but then people don't know say things nor true power play total liw for start just show sad wasters on page but main lads lot time for jackpotly lad last meeting in Birmingham was mint know saving up for London meet anyway won't hurt anybody just sad people how do guess work call dim don't know me band myself from casino bookies because i like fruits just sick to fruits

if it is you mmmate then as mmmany people like you as don't! wouldn't worry about it too mmmuch timmmy!
hover Smith don't know me so get to know all keep making tool of yourself went to Birmingham meeting lot time for some people wrote stuff about me don't know just shows computer all thing got knew in real life troll to face have nice day
okay Bro i expect what saying respect but Damien666 never meet me might come access bit different but same everyone else Damien666 never meet me slags me off like people said lol on last night do enjoy gamble and at end day like lol these people need to get life before judge man will do haven't got problem Damien666 anyway have great week take it steady respect got back to me
Get those betcoms forced timyyyy
but remember know people slag me off troll back simple last jackpot meet was great lol
Decent bloke you come across as tbh Timmy if that is you! Wouldn't worry about the twats if I was you
ya action skeer ok just do videos having lol grow spine have lol so what say got roulette addiction how that action seeking you need to get out more
Plenty off people hooked on roulette doesn't make you a bad person!
All I can say is avoid those snake Winsons!
don't believe it's him, didn't some of you say he was already on here under a different name?!
I'm sure he can do a video for the yewchewbers confirming it is him!

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