What are everyone's favourite digital games that aren't around anymore or are rare
1 in 4 or 5!!!!!!!

pretty much what I was thinking tbh, 1 in 4 or 5 reds overall would seem about right

and to dispel the rumour that pounds always means pots - it doesn't

and pennies doesn't always mean it wont give pots

who ever coded the £98 and £99 red feature on £2 stake is pretty much a sick twisted individual !
not gona edit my original post but im swaying towards overall 1 in 7 for pots, albeit starwars could do gold, gold,gold then 20 red features for peanuts , that's how those fucking bronzes and silvers get so high regular
Seen it 500 500 500, sat on it for 12 plus hours! Was a big loss that's for sure! Got the silver I think bronze was still 500 for ages after that
tbh most people would be sat on a 500/500/500 star wars till it dropped something

out of interest what did the red feature run too !
I had a Boogie the other day. 50p across 5 machines so £2.50. £7 in and I hit the feature.

So you can have a boogie on 50p stake if you hit it right. Just got to keep Reenie and Jeanie away from them.

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