Reel 2 Real's 2016
nice one mr m , top result for the year , now please bear in mind your years total loss from 2015 ive lost many times over , mainly in one single game that has proved my downfall , if I kept away from it im sure my world would be a better place lol single session losses of 2k really aren't funny anymore ..............

keep up your diary next year , be interesting to see if your thai birds still have the hots for you lol

personally im giving up all 500s , "WHEN THE FUN STOPS , STOP " lol and these days I just don't enjoy my punts , been on the 500s too long now and seen too much change for the worse , I cant keep sensible limits , like a lot of people I see red too easy and these days that's dangerous , im bored with the 500s tbh and bored going deep in the same shit , "winning " a couple of hundred just don't cut it when you've had massive runs off the 500s , but the massive runs are a massive amount of money apart !

stick to your strategy and take the bastards to the cleaners , but no shout outs lol
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Hellooooooo duuuuuuuuuude! :D

But yeah thanks Mr Sting. I agree with you that there are so many slots to choose from on the terminals (like 25+) that you're effectively playing Russian Roulette. I like to think that I stick with a 'core' handful of slots, and yes, I'll occasionally dabble outside of my comfort zone but it usually ends in tears. Eye of Horus is very much a prime example of this!!

As for sensible limits, my problem is impulse gambling. Like for most of the day I won't think about gambling, but as soon as I leave the office, I have the 2 options - do I just catch the bus home or draw £50 out for gambling? So some days I purposely leave my cards at home if I don't have money that I can afford to lose.

For online gambling, I decided to quit 100%. It was only £25 a month on Sky Vegas, so no big deal, but I have only lucked out once this year out of 12 months, so I decided to slap myself a 5-year ban from the site. Did have a Betfair account too (because it had Thai Flower), but after losing £120 in a remarkably quick fashion, I decided to nip that in the bud too.

So now I'm purely an offline / bricks-and-mortar gambler Smile
(12-08-2016, 08:16 PM)Mr Move It Wrote: As a lot of you know, I tend to do better on B3 machines than other categories, and my luck has been through the roof over the past month.  Thai Princess has done 2 features at £271 and £278.  Thai Flower has done 2 features - jack lady elephant for £194 and house lady jack for £307.  Mad a few usual £50 losses to boot amongst the wins, but I have updated my balance book for 2016 and it stands at £748 profit.  2016 is now almost as good as 2014!!  Bear in mind that 2015 was a loss-making year of £435 loss.

In the photo below, £200 is set aside for clubbing and Christmas entertainment (e.g. Hyde Park London) and I'll put the other £300 into my ISA.

Ring Sting - I'll set Jokers Wild as my 2017 challenge Smile

[Image: iJXTsX0.jpg]

Good for you mate, love it :D
It's Twelfth Night now, so I'm going to wrap up the 2016 thread.  I had several punts after my last post, and it was a train wreck.  Thai Flower has become immensely popular with the punters now, probably due to the new £20 game.  So what I'm dealing with now is a larger pool of players playing this game up and down the country.  Or maybe I've just hit the reality of gambling... for now :P

A couple of year-end charts:

Chart 1 - as you can see, I have made a killing in Bet Fred, however, pretty much everywhere else have eaten into those proceeds.  My £388 loss on pub fruits simply reinforces how bad the AWP game has become.

Mr Move It's favourite venue of 2016 award goes to... Bet Fred!
Mr Move It's least favourite venue of 2016 award goes to... Online gambling in general!

[Image: z5O601w.png]

Chart 2 - Thai Princess wins hands down, to the point that it is almost superstition.  Once again though, most other games have eaten into the Thai Princess' profits, with the main exception being Thai Flower.  I've done especially badly on Reel King, but for some reason, I still don't mind playing the King!  It's been a staple fave over my B3 years.

Mr Move It's favourite game of 2016 award goes to... Need I say?  Does the Pope? :D
Mr Move It's least favourite game of 2016 award goes to... Eye of Horus!  Everyone in Freds love it but I hate it and it hates me lol

[Image: EimNHTk.png]

Here's to 2017 Smile
Relatively small amounts is that over a year??? Really!! Keep it Thai!!!! I CBA to do the maths but you could wager all that in a week max !!!
Glad your up and happy new year!! Dont worry about the competition I`m sure they wont rip your thia out of its flowers
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