"Thai Princess" clone on Sky Vegas
The newest game on Sky Vegas is called Imperial Dragon.  It's the same base game and feature from Thai Princess and it borrows heavily off its graphics.  I have played several hundred pounds of demo money through this and it appears to have a much harsher profile.  On Thai Princess, a feature could either be over very quickly (£1-£7) or it could last the entire ten minutes and go for £200+.  On Imperial Dragon however, I only had features of £1.75, £3.25, £3.50, £5.75, £9.75, £11 and £19.50 tops.  Brutal game!

I'll just stick with Thai princess in the brick-and-mortar bookies and arcades Smile
Pretty much all the b3 games in bookies are soft, being the the stake to prize ratio is capped... sacrifice on the rpt however.

bookies are 250x max win on the highest rtp per game, not many online slot with capped win potenial that low.
Ahhh right, thanks for the heads up! Now it makes sense, as I found it in other B3 conversions as well e.g. Jackpot Genie. I think the only exception is Reel King, as a full screen is still £500 and 5 scrolls goes for £500 max.

Oh well. I'll give Imperial Dragon a go if it hits the arcades / bookies. Nice graphics/sounds package, similar to Thai Princess but a bit more polished maybe.
It has been installed on the storm cabinets in motorway services.
played 4k through on demo sky vegas , still haven't had a bonus round ! was playing £12 a spin though lol

only decent win of just over 1k came through gambling to 14 of the super spin things

spose when it wants it will go big , straight copy of thai princess
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Mr Move It
Ring Sting, not a truer word said there about "when it want, it go big", as I fired the I-Dragon back up again tonight.

Sadly, still on demo.  11th spin (just £11 in), it did this:

A 4-way scatter starts the free spins at 20 instead of 15.

[Image: idragon1_zpsbllporer.png]

Then a small bug / glitch occurred:

The top-right segment says that you need 24 icons.  The bit at the bottom says that I have now collected 25 icons lol

[Image: idragon2_zpsp1e9o0qm.png]

Final free spin was like this:

£430.  Sadly, only virtual money!

[Image: idragon3_zps6xi7dms9.png]

You should deffo listen to the music as each segment opens up.  1st segment sounds a bit like the trailer to Thai Princess, 2nd segment was so-and-so (can't really remember it) but still nice, 3rd segment was this kinda almost oldskool jungle flava with a bouncy baseline, then 4th segment was more up-tempo version of the 1st one and deffo sounded quite junglist massive.  A subwoofer is recommended Smile

Any idea where I can get the fonts from the game?  Pretty sure they're fairly standard fonts, but not sure where to start really as I don't know what the fonts are called!
anyone doing well gambling centurian out?!
(11-30-2015, 06:48 AM)HoveSam Wrote: anyone doing well gambling centurian out?!

on youtube the croat was doing ok !
clones of clones it seems these days
This is the sad thing. There's nobody doing anything groundbreaking or even remotely interesting. A clone of Thai Princess which in itself was a bag of shite to start with.

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